Licorice Pizza, the new PTA

The certainly picked a pointed thumbnail.

Getting strong Boogie Nights vibes off of this one.

“Where have I seen that actress before?”

Looks it up.

“Oh, she’s a Haim!”

Yeah, that’s Alana Haim! PTA directs a lot of their (awesome) videos. Danielle co-directed this one… and killed it on drums.

Now I’m revisiting all of them. These are so freakin’ good. You can definitely see/feel Punch Drunk Love and Boogie Nights in them.

I wonder how big a part Alana has. I’m not watching the trailer because I’m a card-carrying member of the doesn’t-watch-trailers club.

All hail Ghoulardi who begat his only son upon this world to make great films.

She’s got top billing.

As someone who doesn’t watch trailers, this thread is very confusing. It’s a movie about a Pizza place, and also about a Parent Teachers Association?

Wow! Go, Alana!

Rock8man, all parent teacher associations around the country have been renamed Paul Thomas Anderson. He’s very influential.

Also, Cooper Hoffman is the male lead. His dad was Philip Seymour.

PTA is keeping it in the family, as all good Parent Teacher Associations should.

Wow again! Between this and James Gandolfini’s son in the Sopranos prequel, this is a banner year for sons of beloved dead actors.

That’s him in the thumbnail? Desperately pining for something he can never have?

If that is him, he looks amazingly like his dad. I’m thinking he’s actually a clone.

I’m assuming the title is a reference to the record store chain, but I’ve been wrong before.

Also, God this looks excellent.

I’m so in.

I think I saw Maya Rudolph, Mrs. PTA, for a brief shot.

Was that “my girlfriend is Barbra Streisand” guy supposed to be illiterate hairdresser Jon Peters?

Bradley Cooper, you mean. Yeah, I think a lot of people are saying he’s supposed to be Peters, or someone based heavily on him.

Also, some hilarious background on Peters, if you didn’t know

I love that Bradley Cooper is doing such a remarkable Zack Galifianakis impression.

This looks incredible! The cast is absolutely stacked. Re the title, yes, it’s supposedly a reference to the shuttered L.A. record store chain. I heard speculation that Cooper was playing a Peters-esque figure but I wasn’t expecting him to actually play the infamous hairdresser-turned producer. I can’t wait to see P.T. Anderson tackle a coming-of-age film, and especially return to the valley. He shows a side of L.A. that’s rarely seen on screen.

Wow, I was about to say: Anderson sure went out and found someone who looks exactly like a young Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

I think so too! And according to Wikipedia she’s in the film, so…