Lightning strike just made my smoke detectors go off

This was in New England, though. We’ve got nothin’ on those Midwest storms.

They sure are pretty, but it does suck to be in the middle of grocery shopping when the tornado sirens go off.

You’re making me thank my lucky stars that of my 2 or 3 hairline foundation cracks, only 1 of them drips water, and it’s a tiny trickle at that.

My wife tells me she tried to get her ex (she kept the house when they divorced) to have the cracks sealed before he carpeted the basement, but he said it didn’t need it.

Hasn’t been an issue until now, I guess. I didn’t know it was a potential problem until this morning.

Oh, christ, what a dumbass. If you finish a basement, the first thing is you take EVERY measure to ensure you’re water-tight. The last thing you need is moldy carpet or mold growing behind drywall or something.

If the cracks are still small, look into high-pressure injection as cheap way to fix the problem without a backhoe or thousands of bucks in bills. I know a few places that do it in the Metro area, but have no idea about the west side of the state.

Maybe call Glenn Haege and see who he’d recommend in your area?

I’ve already put out feelers to a family friend who owns the largest construction companies in town for a recommendation.

Hoping we can get it patched up without setting us back too much coin; I’m bracing myself to find out that this won’t be covered under our homeowner’s policy, such that I’ll have to pay to replace the carpet as well.

Most homeowners policies don’t cover “flood” damage, which always includes water intruision into the basement, unless you carry flood coverage, which is damn near always additional.

Make sure you get someone who specializes in high-pressure injection. There are some places that say they do it, then they bait-and-switch and try and get you to do the super-expensive foundation repairs that are usually overkill.

Needs more updates. What is the status of the frop bog??

Yep, that’s what I’m expecting.

No worries on that count, as we don’t have the cash for the super-expensive repairs anyway :)

In related news, a 3.5hp wet/dry vac is $50 well spent when you need to get large amounts of water out of your carpet.


The frop bog is still OK. Stones have collapsed from the embankment and we have ~ 3" of lateral support before this side drops toward the pond bottom. We’re using tarps and wood to try and hold the soil back.

When is the Hivemind going to assume responsibility and send in QTEMA crews to the disaster sight?

We’ve dallied for far too long; this crisis needs to be resolved effectively and at once!

See, this is exactly the sort of stuff you should expect when you live on one of Saturn’s moons. You should be happy that the oxygen recycler is still running.

  • Alan

Ohhh the irony there hehe :-) Since I do look like an astronaut out in this weather. Mountain packpack and my liquid Oxygen tank inside feeding me 5 Liters of O2 for 3 hours at a time before I have to recharge it.

We should get QT3ers together for like an EXTREME Home Makeover kinda thing, but instead of building JP a new house, we help him shore up his frop bod and pong.

Or we could be like Oprah, “EVERYBODY GETS A FROP BOG!”

I <3 that damn frop bog so much.

It is no longer merely jpinard’s frop bog. It is Qt3’s frop bog.

If you drive over from Detroit, I’ll buy the beer.

We should do a Michigan QT3 gathering one of these days anyway :)

That would require having enough money to fill up the gas tank. I don’t think I’ll be making any trips outside of the D till at least next year. :/