Limbs are safe in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Title Limbs are safe in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When June 18, 2019

If Star Wars fans know one thing, it's that lightsabers are for cutting off arms. Limbs are always getting lopped off in the films. Threaten a Jedi with a gun and you'll likely earn a quick visit to the bacta tank and get a robo-hand grafted on for your trouble..

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I keep seeing this story on all the news aggregate sites - I can’t figure out why? Do we have a lot of previous Star Wars games with dismemberment that this one is an outlyer? Do any Star Wars video games feature this?

Mate you need to play Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. Dismembering enemies with your lightsaber was the best part of that game and alot of fun! I am quite disappointed that it won’t be featured here.

Well … you couldn’t dismember opponents in the Jedi Knight games either, at least without a cheat code. Maybe there’s a backdoor available for this game …?

What is a Django Fett that sounds made up.

Yep, people are forgetting you couldn’t dismember shit in Jedi Outcast without the cheat (that totally unbalanced the game, as it made it ‘realistic’)

Bruce Geryk? Geryk?


So lightsabers continue to be bad in video games. What are the chances From Software gets a shot at the Start Wars license and makes a game where lightsabers are actually lethal?

With Disney owning the IP the chance of that happening are zero.

So long as I can still use cheat codes to force jump over stormtroopers, then force pull them flying into the air, I’m good.

I’m pretty sure he adopted that nickname after a character in FTL.


Not just video games. Have you seen the last 2 Star Wars films? Lightsabers inflict light scratches as best. Absolutley the worst. Jedi Lightsaber went from being this awesome weapon that only a few could use in combat to a nerf sword that lights up.

Hmm. The last two Star Wars films were The Last Jedi and Solo. The latter had no lightsabers at all. The Last Jedi had a badass throne room lightsaber fight with multiple deaths.

Not sure what you’re talking about.

Not talking spinoff films. I’m talking Star Wars TFA and TLJ. Both had saber fights where people get hit with sabers with very little damage done. Finn dies in TFA but somehow only get’s a back scratch. Kylo has his face chopped off, but only get’s a scratch. Check out Robert Head on Youtube and his Disney doesn’t understand how lightsabers work. He’s goes a little overboard, but he speaks the truth.

I’ll check it out, but I’m not sure any argument from some rando YouTuber is going to hold more water than the IP holder doing whatever they want with fantasy laser swords.

Snoke got cut in half pretty good.

Lol very true.

I think you mean he got cut in half pretty bad.

Videogames need to quit downplaying the impact of sharp objects and laser blades. It’s just going to lead to kids not respecting how much damage they can do. Next thing you know, some kid is going to accidentally cut another kid’s head off while they’re goofing around with battles axes or something.

At least laser swords are a dumb fantasy thing. What bothers me is the lack of dismemberment in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. No way Kassandra wouldn’t be lobbing off arms and legs with some of those moves and some of that hardware.