Links to all the QT3 Movie Podcasts


Oh good lord, please no!

marquac you are awesome. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this thread. A thing like this is a labor of love–I hope you don’t mind me using that term–and it is the kind of thing that truly makes us realize what awesome listeners we have and how much they care about what we do every week. That’s such a cool feeling.

Thanks marquac. I have a comprehensive list of the 3x3 topics, so if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


“You’re on that list? Are you above or below angry bees?”


I did a tiny bit of googling and it appears that iTunes doesn’t put any limits on episodes, but that it might be a matter of the RSS feed that iTunes draws from (?) being limited? Hope that helps.


It’s my pleasure. It can be a bit of a struggle to get them all off the website so it seemed like a good thing to get a single list. I think labor of love is a perfect way to put it. If you take a look at the number of podcasts that the three of you have done, there has barely been a week off in almost 5 years worth of podcasting. Dedication like that generally means that there is a passion there which I think comes through in the podcasts which makes it enjoyable to listen to, and of course the humor doesn’t hurt.

I may just contact you in the near future about the 3x3 topics since I think it would be nice to have a compiled list of the topics and the picks.


Reserved for future podcasts.


Reserved for more podcasts.


Reserved for the podcasts that come after those previous podcasts.


This thread is great; I’ve been going back and listening to podcasts from before I started listening to QT3 podcasts. It’s particularly fun when the guys mention movies that they haven’t seen yet, but will later review (Prometheus!).


By the way, all our podcasts are now on the iTunes feed! I would have fixed that sooner if I’d realized how easy it was to fix.



Sweet! Thank you!



Looks like today these are back to showing only the 50 most recent episodes.


Yeah, it caused an issue with one of our feeds. I have to either sacrifice the iTunes listing or the Feedburner feed, whatever that is. So, screw Feedburner. I’ve switched it back and now everything is available again on iTunes.



Thanks, Tom!


I’d also value a rundown on the song choices Tom made for the intro for each. Sometimes I recognize them, but sometimes I don’t and would like to have them identified so I could find them for future listening.


I have it on good authority that you might not have to wait very long for such a rundown.


I love the effort. Just wondering if it’s a good idea to make a public, Google index-able list of copyrighted music used on the podcast. I’d hate to have the podcasts taken down over copyright violation. It’s likely the music will never be edited out. The podcasts would just disappear…


A good question. Tom, your thoughts?


Uh. Aren’t we allowed to use like 20 seconds of a song as public domain remix sampling rap music clause exception disclaimer fair use provision? As the lawyers call it.



IANAL, but I don’t think so…


After reading this article about the four factors that are used to consider fair use I would say that the use of the music could be argued as fair use. That’s just my opinion though. I can always remove the song and artist info from my posts if needed, I don’t want to get the anyone in trouble.


Well, I now have all 8 gigs of them on a backup drive, so there’s always the torrent work around! Don’t mean to impede the flippin’ awesome work marquac is putting into this project.