Linksys wireless problem

A few weeks ago something strange started happening with my home wifi. If I was using my PC to access anything on the internet, then tried to use my xbox to sign onto live, the xbox reported that it couldn’t talk to the router.

I would have to unplug the router, plug it back in, then log onto Live, then I could use my PC and my Xbox online at the same time.

Another strange thing is that sometimes I will be downloading off of Xbox Marketplace on my 360, and this causes my PC’s internet speed to plummet. It would take about 3 minutes to do a page refresh on Qt3 for instance. The 360’s download speed was definitely not high enough to be sucking all my bandwidth. Also, I had never seen this behavior since I’ve owned my 360… just recently it started.

Any ideas why this might be occurring? I haven’t modified anything on the router (It’s a Linksys running WEP security). I poked around a bit in the router configuration, and nothing seemed amiss to me… granted, I’m not expert on networking.

I’m having connection issues between my WRT310n Linksys and my iPhone 4. It used to work fine but now I spend more time on 3G than WiFi in the same room. I recently read about units being shipped with bad capacitors, but I can’t find it right now.

Essentially I’m not going to mess with it anymore. I’m shopping around for a new one.