Listen to high frequencies on smartphone?


Is there an app that will let me record high sound frequencies on my smartphone? My dog freaks out when she hears my PC boot or when a smoke alarm runs out of juice and beeps. For the last week she has been doing it every night but I can’t figure out what the cause is. Maybe the sound is beyond the range of my hearing?


Can you not just record it with whatever recording function you have then adjust the pitch on playback? It 's possible the mic won’t capture it, but that’s not going to change with an app.


I have limited space on my phone to store audio recordings. A real time tool would be better.

I just installed Spectroid but don’t really know what to do with it. I wish I could be notified if something meeting certain criteria happens.


Isn’t your dog acting as the notification?


That’s what I came here to point out belatedly.


If it’s that annoying 60hz hum it could be anything from a dimmer switch to overhead fluorescents. But if you’re saying it’s intermittent hmm… Lassie needs to learn how to point.


That Spectroid app is pretty good. Most smartphone mics should be able to pick up frequencies to at least 20 kHz these days. I certainly can’t hear that high anymore (I used to be able to do) but your dog can.

Set the scale to “Linear” - you’re interested in the higher frequency range >10 kHz. Don’t forget to point the mic at the noise source, and remove any case on your smartphone that might attenuate the signal.

Also check out the lower frequencies < 200 Hz as well (use logarithmic scale, and pinch zoom horizontally to magnify the lower end).


The problem is I don’t know where the noise is coming from. And if it’s like the smoke alarm, the noise could be intermittent. I guess Spectroid is not the correct tool then.


Spectroid saves the peak noise levels at every frequency as a red line, so if it’s intermittent it will still show, although it might not be immediately clear what the drama is. You could screenshot the background noise level peak, then activate whatever you’re testing, take another screenshot and compare peak noise levels after - say - 1 minute, assuming all else is constant (no sneezing now!).

It’s also possible your dog is associating a completely innocent / normal sound with something else that’s bad. Turning on the PC when there was a crash outside, for example, means the dog might freak every time you hover your finger over the PC power button!