Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

I suspected it for a long time…

Oh thanks for this! Love Dark Future (GW’s Car Wars for those who dont know)

Just thought I’d drop this here-

Their game is an rpg deckbuilder where the main thrust of the gameplay is not combat, but conversation. I love the art style, and I am excited about applying these ideas to a nonviolent game space.

Dark Future looks really interesting. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks!

You might want to check out some of the reviews for Dark Future before buying. Sounds like it wasn’t that great of a translation from the physical game and may have a repetitive campaign. But, I hope they are wrong, because I freaking love Car Wars.

I watched some gameplay footage a couple of weeks ago and I’d certainly want to see more before buying it. It is a lane-based concept, with sort of a bullet-time-esque feel to it (time slows down when you are making tactical decisions). I like the idea, but in practice, I’m not sure it is actually fun.

Oh its not turn based? Eeek. Yeah that would be no good. Thanks for the heads up both! @Misguided

I’m not positive. I don’t know if you can run out of time or they just mad it look that way to have a more action feel to it.

Ive picked this up (and Warhammer Quest II) in the Steam GW sale.

Dark Future is one of my all time favourite settings, the novels are my favourite of all my cyberpunk/urban fantasy books. I didnt play the game (but we played Car Wars in the 80s) but Ive read and re-read the original and new novels and for me its up there with 40k and its peers in the cyberpunk world, with the more British dark humour and 80s references perfect for me.

So far the game seems a bit basic from a gfx and story POV, but isnt really like anything else i have and has me intrigued and wanting to play more.

I see what you did there.

Do not let this dissuade you. The slo-mo is slo enough that this it might as well be turn-based.


I’ll keep it on my Wishlist then. Between Thea 2 and Battle Brothers, I won’t be even thinking about buying this for a while. Hopefully, we’ll continue to hear positive things about the game.

Hmm thanks. If you think its even vaguely interesting then thats a big plus in my eyes.

Looks like House Flipper is getting some back yard DLC.

The description makes me think of the Fitz and Fool series by Robin Hobb a little.

Are there interesting victorian or craftsman style houses in this game? I’m not interested in renovating some McMansion or whatever. Screenshots on Steam are 90% interior shots.

Not really. The elements that make up the houses are all indentical (i.e. standardized). The differences are mosrtly in floor plan. It’s a fun time waster, but not really for the frustrated designer/architect.

I’ve only really played for enjoyment a bunch of indie games recently; a lot of these aren’t exactly new though…

NecroDancer - Because i don’t care to get the timing right i can’t really play this, so this is a hard pass.

Reigns: Her Majesty - Self referential and modern and hilarious but with win conditions so obscure finishing is impossible without using a guide. Still my kind of quick fun.

Kingdom: Two Crowns - The original was hard and maybe not fair, but the sense of doom gave it a much more interesting vibe. New revisions have made the game something like a grind, and you’ll have to win multiple “islands” before getting a real challenge, so instead of atmospheric and sharp it just seems kind of boring and long.

History 2048 - I can’t see what i’m doing, and 2048 is kind of dumb anyway. I can pretty much advance moving up-down-left-right without even paying attention to a single number for a long time. Is 2048 still popular?

Rock of Ages II - I love the hilarious Monthy Python esque animation style and humor (it feels like it was made by a bunch of old guys) but it’s frankly harder than Dark Souls. What your strategies should be are obscure, and then you’re basically playing a third person bumper car. I find normal difficulty past the tutorial level basically impossible, which for a game with this kind of humorous demeanor feels aggravatingly inappropriate. A better couch game than vs the AI, imo.

Knights of Pen & Paper II - This might be my favorite game right now. Pretty light on managment which is just fine, self referentially nerdy, it gives you just enough actual gameplay to make the gameplay fun.

Warlock of Firetop Mountain - A sort of graphical text adventure roguelike from the days of yore, it’s really meant to be replayed over and over again until you know all the secrets.

Velocity 2X - Thanks to its great soundtrack one my favorite games to play for a few minutes.

Bad North - Less tactical and less interesting than its lovely art style promised. Fun but keep your expectations low.

Iconoclasts - Right on the edge of playability for me, i might have burned out on it after having to backtrack a few places and still not be sure where i’m supposed to go. Kind of? silly-serious world building, right on the “not for me” edge.

Celeste - This crosses the “not for me” edge. I don’t care for the core gameplay and the message isn’t “for me”.