Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

It’s not available on phones or computers.

My assumption was that this was a euphemism for something, since an lotr Stratego game wouldn’t need/be a Knizia design

He made a LOTR Stratego-type game that is very good.

It’s called Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation. Like Stratego, you can see where units are, but not which ones they are. Which allows the Fellowship player to sneak their Hobbits to the opposite end of the board without getting caught, among other interesting dynamics.


Pretty much it. In addition to wars and revolts, there are “peasant revolts”, which enable you to remove a tile from the board if you discard two blue tiles from your hand. Pagodas can be immediately replaced by discarding two green tiles likewise.

It’s been years since I played Tigris, but from what I recall of it this game has a lot more strategic options.

Also, Yellow & Yangtze has hexes rather than square spaces, which, as Civilization V has amply demonstrated, makes the game exactly 150% better than its predecessor.

I jest please don’t kill me.

I hadn’t noticed it at all!

From Hato Moa, who brought us Hatoful Boyfriend, and featuring the music of Masakazu Sugimori (Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Viewtiful Joe) comes picross investigation game Murder by Numbers:

Was Hatoful Boyfriend the pigeon dating sim?


Whatever happened to that Qt3er who wrote up that hilarious AAR?

Left to The Other Forum ™.

“Get ready to rip the galaxy a new wormhole”? Uh.


Despite @Chappers support, I couldn’t even watch the promotion video to the end. Too much noise, both visual and aural.

"This game contains content which is not appropriate for a young audience. This content may is not suitable for viewing at work or in public settings.

Themes of this product include blood and gore, partial nudity, and violence."

Just saw this on my mac activity thread:

Anybody heard of it?

FWIW, there’s a report on the Steam forum that the screen shaking can be disabled.

Make Screen Shake Optional posts info regarding screen shake options, which will show up on the relevant Steam store pages if you follow the curator (the community group is here). I really hate screen shaking and contribute frequently.

Ah, in truth I didn’t think screen shakes bothered me much (I thought there was lot of… pixely junk flying everywhere, making me confused), but the screen shakes probably didn’t help and I may claim I have issue with it because that’s one hell of cool sounding club to be part of!

Edit: I tried to find it in the Steam client using the curators search… and Valve won’t return it. Search engines are so rigged, everywhere…