Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Rising Lords is still in early access but is being steadily updated by a two brother team based in Cologne. They anticipate a mid 2022 release date and I am looking forward to playing this upon release. Do any of you have experience with it? The Steam reviews have been mostly positive though many encourage folks to wait. Most current update is 0.11.6 → 0.12.1?!

I bought Rising Lords on sale a while back and only fiddled around with it a bit when I first got it. I’ve been waiting for 1.0 before diving in. Disappointing to hear it could be another 9 months.

It’s got it’s own thread and @Don60420 was enjoying the beta last year.

The weirdest thing about Rising Lords is it being priced $19.00 and not $18.99. With that said, I’m out.

Chasing Static was released yesterday, a Welsh psychological horror short story that features sound exploration. I snapped it up because it looks great and that all sounds fascinating to me.

Now this has piqued my interest:

I’ve often thought while playing Sea of Thieves that I’d love a game that does sailing as well but is more relaxing. This might be the one!

In fact I want a game like that so badly that I might break my early access rule, especially since it supposedly won’t be long before 1.0 anyway.

That looks right up my alley as well! Thanks for sharing.

So this dropped today and it’s GREAT:

Controls are simple but tight and effective. Ship points toward the cursor, left mouse button thrusts, and that’s it, but you use momentum and such to get around obstacles and it can be devious. I’m very bad at it so far but enjoying it VERY much.

If you haven’t bought it yet, my advice is hold off. There’s the beginning of a nice game there but it seems far from complete to me. The dev boasts that the sailing physics will be better than those of Sea of Thieves, and that’s a laughable statement at the moment. Sailing in SoT feels far better right now, with Sailwind being janky as hell. There are numerous clipping issues too, and the sea doesn’t look great at all.

I haven’t played it very much yet to be fair, so I can’t comment on how the game actually works, but what I saw of the sailing alone was enough to make me shelve it for a few updates, especially since the sailing aspect is what interested me. Only buy now if you particularly want to participate in development. Otherwise, when I feel like it’s in a much better state I’ll start a thread.

Very disappointed that Vacuum Pilot is not actually about piloting vacuum cleaners.

It’s also kind of funny that it is called “Vacuum Pilot” when you are clearly flying through some kind of thick soup that causes you to slow down when you stop accelerating.

Fun demo, though.

Appreciate the head’s up on Sailwind. I did purchase it and have it installed, but haven’t played it yet. I’ll give it a try and decide if I should request a refund.

Failbetter’s Mask of the Rose now has a Steam page, you can wishlist if you’re interested and didn’t get in on the kickstarter.

Elements of Tower Defense? Hmm…

Watching this helped:

Also 2 others that look good, but EA…

Demo out for the new Kingdom Two Crowns : Norse Lands

I love you Bob, just sayin’! Don’t tell @Left_Empty .

Train Life: Train Sim World meets Truck Sim with a dash of Transport Fever. Sounds right up my alley.

EA, though, and by all accounts shows it, so I’m going to let it cook for a while.

I wish someone could do something like Microsoft Flight Simulator but for trains.

Just fly really low and make chugga chugga sounds :)

I actually thought that’s what all those Train Simulator 20xx games were: realistic train conducting simulators with realistic scenery. Is that not what they are?