Little Indie Games Worth Knowing About (Probably)

Oh nice find thank you!

This looks interesting, lead a 17th century pike and shot mercenary band to free a city from a sinister cult in an XCom like TB tactical game in Black Legend:

Looks interesting.

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I’m not sure Loop Hero qualifies as “little” :)

Honestly, I’m surprised to see it gain so much traction! Wow.

After The Last Door got mentioned on the Blasphemous thread, this coincidentally popped up on my Twitter feed. @Paradroid and @Nightgaunt, this may be of interest to you! Only watched a bit of the trailer and was sold. It’s free on itch.

Oh my god, thanks @geggis !
@KristiGaines , PIXEL ALERT!

English Firewatch

Oh wow that looks fantastic! Thank you for the tip!

Oh, that looks real good!

Reminds me that I found this other free, more lighthearted, pixel art adventure game recently:

Those are beautiful pixels LK!

My friends at local Colorado developer Serenity Forge just launched the comedy point-and-click Freakpocalypse. I am not familiar with Cyanide & Happiness (a web comic, I believe), but it looks to me like if you’re into edgy silliness, this might be for you!

I see Siralim Ultimate has come on EA. Never played any of the others. Is this something to try?

It’s great.

The Siralim games are very good, but one big gotcha is you can’t save in a dungeon, and you’ll be going into dungeons a lot. Might be a deal breaker for you - it certainly was for me, sadly.

Infraspace is a Mars-based city-builder production chain type game that just entered EA March 12th. Saw it pop up on a stream in my YT feed and it seems like something we should keep tabs on:

If you want to see it in action, here’s a YouTube stream by a guy named Raptor who I sub to:

The Tenants sounds like a combination of House Flipper and the Sims. You play as the landlord so I assume you renovate residences and then decide who to rent to? Why isn’t it called The Landlord? Beats me!

A demo is available: