Live-snark the debate here!

I don’t do the twooter, so I’ll be discussing the debate in real time here*. Anyone care to join me?

*I’m not actually gonna fill up a thread by myself. If no one else bites, I’ll probably trail off with a sense of profound shame.

Edit: what sources do folks plan on using? I’m intending to watch the C-Span live stream because it has the lowest chance of having idiot pundits yammering over the shit I actually want to hear.

Tom’s post on the front page informed me that apparently Xbox Live is streaming it, with interactive bits. That sounds wacky, so I’ll be watching that way, and have your thread open in a window on my tablet.

Just posted on FB that I’m gonna watch with my eyes and ears open and my mouth and laptop closed, I don’t want to get to into blood wars with people I actually know in real life…but this might be a nice little place to be snarky.

Youtube is streaming it live.

I really hope Obama doesn’t step on his dick tonight. I’m kinda nervous about that.

I’ll try PBS online, mostly because it’s HD and the Cspan feed is not (unless I’m missing something?). If PBS gets annoying I’ll switch to Cspan.

Hah. Did you see the Daily Show bit about that the other night? "If Obama can get through this debate without pulling out his dong and swinging it around yelling “check out Marine One!, we’ll consider it a victory” . Hah.


Mitt Romney currently is playing Jenga:

Haha…I hadn’t, but that was a good one.

Forget Youtube, by the way. Their feed is all f-ed up. C-Span, OTOH, is purring along just fine. You’d think Google would know how to serve video better than C-Span, but I guess not.



No cheers!

Holy shit, the president is black!

I really hope Romney busts out some of those zingers he’s allegedly been practicing for months.

I hope you are going to award each candidate stars Tom and put it up on metacritic…

He called Michelle sweetie! Endearing or disrespectful? I hope Mitt addresses the issue.

He said double down on top down. Drink!

The undecided voter lines on CNN is mesmerizing.

Mitt is looking pretty good, so long as you have no idea how incredibly ambitious/ridiculous his five points are.

Yes, taxing more, yet has taxed less, spending more, yet has spent less. Good logic there.

“Trickle-down government”?

Mitt is sort of boring me…I need more zingers, or crazy talk