Live streaming on YouTube and Twitch every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 6pm Pacific!


20 minutes!!! Monday streams are the best streams!

Where is @marquac!


I am here.


Hope you are feeling better!


It’s Monday and tonight Tom is streaming SYNTHETIK: Arena - Steam link

You can find the Twitch stream here.

You can find the non-night mode YouTube stream here.

And you can find the YouTube night mode stream here.

The draw for Request Wednesday will be held tonight at 7:00 pm Pacific so why not stop by before that and vote for what game Tom will stream on Wednesday.


Why isn’t Tom streaming At The Gates?


It’s not out until Wed?


As it turns out the vote for request Wednesday was “At the gates” and so… assuming it is out and on steam and ready to play? I figure he will stream it. Though I can’t speak for Tom.


Just a reminder to everyone to ABJGYH: Always Be Jealously Guarding Your Health.



Everything OK?


Oh, all is well! I posted that because it’s my advice from the last stream to anyone playing a rogue-like for how to git gud. The handy easy-to-remember mnemonic is ABJGYH. In other words, worry less about dealing damage and more about avoiding damage.



I hope it launches so that Tom can stream it. Troy at Explorminate says that AtG has the best tooltips of any game he has seen, so that should go over well. And if those tooltips provide lots of useful info, doubleplusgood!


Wasn’t it Always Be Just Guarding Your Health?

Do we need some sort of council to determine which version is apochryphal?


It was originally more emphatic with the “Jealously” guarding. At a certain point during the stream, it was watered down to “Just” guarding, but that fails to make the case as well. So it’s back to “Jealously” guarding. ABJGYH. Easy to remember, even easier to do. Now we can all have success in our rogue-likes!



Don’t be a J-ASS. Not that one, the other one.


JASS: Better Than Rimworld!









(I almost wished I had voted for Pillars turn-based now…)


We can all vote for it for next week, because that I’ve got to see.