Occasional livestreaming [was Live streaming on YouTube and Twitch every Mon, Wed, and Fri at 6pm Pacific!]

Now that Quarter to Three has a YouTube channel, I’ll be live streaming every other weekday night from 6pm to 8pm Pacific at youtube.com/quartertothreevideos/live and twitch.tv/tomchick. So that’s Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Come on by and join the chat/heckling/live assistance! All streams will be archived here.

If you have anything you’d like to see, a drawing for Request Wednesday will be held every Monday at 7pm. Anyone in the chat channel can submit a game for consideration at any point, or post your request in the comments section for one of the videos.

OK handy, thanks. Do you do requests on the TBD days?

This is purely selfish, but I would love to see how you play Renowned Explorers. I just haven’t been able to wrap my brain around all the pieces of the combat system. Less selfishly, the game is beautiful and really fun to look at, so I think it could be a good game to show off.


Ha ha whoops, was that request note always there or did Tom edit?

This, definitely this.

Would definitely love to see Tom play Renowned Explorers, if only for strategy tips!

Absolutely! The schedule is wide open for TBDs. And I’m rarin’ to do some Renowned Explorers! What I’m not sure is how much time to block out for certain games, whether I should fuss with focusing on new stuff over old stuff, if two hours is too long, if nightly is too frequent, etc. I have no handle on how to do this stuff.

As for Rules of Engagement 2, dude. The 80s are over, Rubin! Haven’t you heard? FTL is teh new hotness. Although I would like to do Into the Stars. I presume you’ve tried that one. I find it, uh, oddly fascinating.


<pedant> This was 1993, good sir. Clearly the greatest decade for video games. </pedant>

May you find it less horribly dull and dreadful than I.

The Omnitrend Universe started ten years before that.

/pedant mic drop :)


Sigh, did I aasssssskkkkk you to play the entirety of the Omnitrend Universe series? (Side note: please, like I don’t know when it began. I personally know the creators.)


Seriously though, I wanna see your 2016 brain handle a very 1993 interface.

But alright, fine, I’ll come up with another, more recent, less demanding request.


You might think that Rules of Engagement 2 screen looks daunting – and I suppose it would to the average bear – but I see that screenshot and I think “ooh, what does that button do, and what is that readout, and what’s on that display?” Let me at it! I remember fondly figuring out those Omnitrend sims.


Hahahahahahah, I hear ya man. I look at that ROE2 screenshot and wanna push allllllll the buttons. :)

After playing the earlier games (correction, TRYING to play them), I find it funny that the screenshot above is of one of their least mystifying interfaces.

Also, in the Rules of Engagement 2 screenshot, look at ALL THOSE CLEARLY LABELED HOTKEY INDICATORS! /nerdgasm


I know, isn’t it great?!?

There are few things on the Internet I find more endearing than listening to Tom try and not swear.


So adorable.

Shoot a monkey! I hadn’t heard that before the DS3 stream.

Tom, if I have a request, it’s to stream a 1v1 or a 2v2 team match of Chaos Reborn (that way the game ends when you lose… I mean if you lose). I volunteer to be one of your challengers. I promise not to look at the stream and see your cards and whether or not you’re casting illusions! You trust me, right?

Would be great fun to do that, although I could only really do it on a Tuesday or Thursday.

I hate time zones, and seriously why are you doing all the fun stuff while I’m sleeping

The weird thing is I’m hardly aware of saying it. it’s entirely reflexive. For example, I don’t think I’d every actually write that.

Assuming you’re not just kidding, it is so on. And not just because an Australian* accent would really class up the joint. PM sent!

Oddly enough, given the hours I keep, it would be way more convenient for me to do these at a time more convenient for you!

By the way, the streams get archived for later viewing, but I suspect being able to hurl realtime invective/encouragement is half the fun.

  • please tell me I successfully trolled you

Oops, meant to post that the Friday Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked stream starts in an hour. Well, 47 minutes. 6pm Pacific!

Monday and Tuesday: Renowned Explorers