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My request – having probably been present for almost a year for Toms streams (which I love)… is that he gets rid of that Tampon add front music. Try being a girl and having to actually wear a tampon. It isn’t funny nor is it light. Perhaps something different would be better.

Just a suggestion Marq,


I fully support that sentiment. I have no say on the opening music though. It would be nice if it was changed.


Okay, I’ll get something else to go there. But in return, you each have to watch Wrong Cops ten times.

EDIT: The IMDB synopsis up there is a spoiler. Don’t read it.



Alright. I’ll watch Wrong Cops on Friday evening and post in the Wrong Cops thread as proof that I kept my word.


Oh I think I can do that… at least one time. Sry to be “That girl”…and thx marq.


Gah, uh, maybe don’t watch Wrong Cops. It’s not for everyone. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s not for most people.



I was surprised watching the Ace Combat 7 stream last night how casual the game seemed.


The game is meant to be casual but intense. The latter part didn’t really come through. I might record a counterpoint video tonight.


(Marq do I still have to watch “Wrong Cops” and … if so --where can I get it? Is it on Amazon?


Let me take that bullet. Wrong Cops is not for everyone.


Link plz!

But, yeah, I didn’t do it justice. Basically, the mission where I stopped playing seemed to be the point at which it’s teaching you, “Look, you can’t just jerk your plane around the sky and press the fire button until you win…”



All the fancy high-res stuff is still encoding, but here it is. I used the F-16 without any upgrades and cranked the difficulty up, but that basically just means more evasive and aggressive enemies (and higher score requirements on certain missions, but not this one).

Getting into the highest scoring threshold on 444 requires taking down all of the bombers and only a handful of fighters. The mission failure condition is allowing the airfield to be bombed too many times, but there’s no penalty for letting it be bombed until the failure condition is met, so you can let it get hit a few times while scraping together extra points by dogfighting.


Yeah, that definitely makes me want to go back and give it another shot. A couple of things came to mind watching you play through that mission:

First, you’re obviously comfortable with how the different AtA missiles functions. My tendency is to watch the missiles to see if they’re going to hit their target, but you seemed pretty confident after firing. Also, I couldn’t quite tell how you were using those multi-target missiles, but you were getting a really good bang for your buck with those. I’m even less sure how those work now that I’ve watched you using them. In fact, at times it looks like you fired and then acquired the target after the missiles were away?

Second, were you doing anything about the incoming missile warnings? As near as I can tell, you didn’t get hit once. You certainly didn’t take any damage. You even had a flare to spare at the end! There were a few times it seemed you were trying to keep them at a perpendicular angle, but a few other times I was a sure a missile was coming right up your tailpipe. But I don’t think you ever got hit. And you were on ace difficulty! Why were you being shredded by those enemy missiles?

Third, good lord, I made the right choice turning off the music. Ugh. I would honestly rather listen to Kenny Loggins Danger Zone on a loop. Were your ears bleeding after playing that mission?

Fourth, you need look no further than the landing sequences to appreciate how arcadey this game is!

Fifth, why are you playing from the nose cam instead of the external view? Do you find that better for situational awareness, or do you just hate having airplane pr0n all up in your face when you’re playing an arcade action game?

Thanks for the video. That definitely makes me want to keep it installed to plink away at it more and unlock stuff.



The 4AAM special weapon locks on to any air targets in range extremely quickly, so it’s possible to switch to those with numerous enemies in range and snap off a volley without waiting too long for target locks. I was preemptively lining up passes with the minimap so I knew I would get locks on the bombers (which move slowly enough that the 4AAMs’ inferior tracking isn’t as much of a downside). Regular missiles have a shorter range and longer lock on time, especially when you don’t have upgrade parts from the tech tree to improve those aspects.

I did take a bit of scratch damage from gunfire at some point, but flying around in lazy circles during the first phase of the mission is enough to shake off enemy missiles. The missiles coming up my tailpipe were dodged with quick use of the high-G turn mechanic (hit accel and decel at the same time and pitch up or down). If I’d been in third person, you would’ve seen the missiles whiz just past.

The music in most of the game is quite good. This mission is a notable exception. Don’t let that track sour you on the whole OST.

Yeah, the landings are pretty great. I try to take them smoothly but sometimes just flop the plane onto the tarmac.

I use the nose cam so I can see more (the replay system lets me take all the aviation porn screenshots that I want) and so I can actually aim the guns worth a damn. Didn’t use them very much in that video because I had no parts to boost the fine maneuvering stats I’m otherwise accustomed to having, but the gun can be a real asset for conserving ammo and getting quick kills.

I almost forgot. You can trigger a missile camera by holding down the missile button when firing. It’s not really practical most of the time but I remember you mentioning that during the stream.


It’s Friday night and tonight Tom is streaming Hypertrain - Steam link

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Voting for Request Wednesday is now open so if you’d like Tom to stream a game that’s on Steam or that he owns on PS4, why not stop by and vote for what game Tom will stream on Wednesday.


Ty Marq for being such a good, even keeled Canadian (which seems redundant) and running these great streams. Btw I don’t think he played that crazy tampon thing … you know Tom really is very considerate generally.


He is very good people, KG.


I think I get that, and I know I am a bit chatty … but gosh that Jupiter picture was serious. Can you imagine what those storms on that planet are even about?

Finally please marq let me know if I talk too much.


Puts on professor hat

Jupiter, like just about every gaseous body (including the sun, for that matter) exhibits what’s called “differential rotation.” That is, different latitudes rotate at different angular speeds (unlike a solid body like the Earth). The result is that you develop those very visible cloud bands, all of which are moving relative to one another. At the edges, they can get “tangled up” and create rotating storms like those you see.

Fun fact: The Earth’s atmosphere would form cloud bands the same way, but they’re broken up by all the land masses.


Good evening everyone. This is a heads up that tonight’s steam has been postponed until tomorrow.