Local multiplayer PC games?

So I got given a wired 360 controller recently, which I’ve plugged into my PC. This is sweet! Combined with my mouse+keyboard, I now have two viable gaming input devices on my computer.

Are there any games that take advantage of this? I’m talking about splitscreen, or really any kind of two-player non-hotseat local multiplayer. Recommendations?

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I believe Magicka has local coop, but the game pad controls are mediocre at best.

Lara croft and the guardian of light

Any of the Worms games.

He said non-hotseat games!

I think the various Lego games from Traveller’s Tale all work locally.

Street Fighter IV

Could look up some of the old Sega games available for sale on Steam and several other digital download providers. Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and even Altered Beast come to mind. Cheap too.

You’ll want to check out Trine. It is a great looking side-scroller, and the multi-player (local co-op) was designed to take place on the same PC (there’s no online or lan co-op, all must be on the same PC). There’s a lot of puzzle solving that leaves one of the players standing around occasionally while the other does the heavy lifting, but for the most part it can be a fun experience.


Thanks for the suggestions guys!

Trine is awesome, I actually already had it but never played it co-op. That’s going to be good.

The racing games are kick-ass too.

Are the lego games good for non-kids?

Kat and I enjoyed the first Lego Star Wars well enough, but we played Batman and Robin for about 5 minutes before quitting and uninstalling.

Agreed; I wouldn’t pick one up to play by myself. For me, they were initially charming, but got old quick. And if you’ve played one Lego [insert license here] game, you’ve played them all. I give them credit for having drop in/drop out coop, though.