Log Me In - Web-based Remote Desktop


I’m checking out the Free edition right now and it’s pretty damn spiffy. I installed it on my home computer and now can access it from work or anywhere simply by logging into my account on the website. I can access files, copy over files, etc. I can also access my massive music collection. It doesn’t look like running video or playing games is viable though…(to be expected)

Has anyone else messed with this or other remote desktop solutions? This is the first one I’ve tried so far.

You could do a search on the forum but some of us prefer TeamViewer.

I use Logmein free all the time. Use it to remote into my home PC and troubleshoot my parents. It is rock solid.

I use Logmein daily. I’ve begun to opt for the paid “Logmein central” program but not the “Logmein pro” thing. Central just provides a nicer interface than the Free version, but the version of remote access is still under the free license, so I don’t pay per box.

I’m currently supporting probably 300 machines at this point and I couldn’t function without it.

Same here, now that my parents finally have something a little faster than dialup.

Some games are viable through Log Me In. I played loads of FM2010 at work, thanks to it, for instance. Generally menu games work well, and some turn based games work too.

I don’t think I could use it to game anything remotely graphical. Too laggy for that. I do use it to install, update and download stuff remotely so it’s ready and waiting when I get home from work.

Oh and I like to mess with my kids when they use my PC while I’m at work and I take it over from them.

Yeah I’ve been using logmein free for years. I created 2 accounts. One I use for all my personal computers and the other for supporting family and friends. It works great on ipad/iphone too though splashtop is a bit better for that if you want better optimization and sound.

Awesome program! Absolutely the best way to work on family members’ computers too for questions like- “I am not on the internet, I am on FIREFOX…why can’t I check my mail”

(true story)

Family tech support is much easier with it.

I use it for work also. Being able to get to all the servers on my phone is great.

Logmein is definitely handy when you’re working with older machines, but I’ve found the Remote Assistance in Windows 7 to be tremendously useful. Unlike Vista and earlier, it no longer requires any sort of port forwarding or NAT traversal in any way. Someone simply requests assistance, they tell you a 7-8 character code, you enter that code, and it does all the connection stuff automatically behind the scenes.

Only downside of course is that every machine involved needs to be Windows 7.

I was able to access my home pc from my mac at work, launch Rift, patch Rift…and it is now ready to go when I get home…hey if you are gonna be addicted to MMO’s, Logmein gets a second vote from me.

Yeah, it made those patch and mod fix days from WoW a breeze.

I posted as much in another thread, but I’ve used LMI for 9+ hours a day, five days a week for over a year and I have zero reason to try anything else. Even their business-facing tools like LMI Rescue are awesome. And the only thing I’ve paid for is their iOS app, which works just about as well as I could expect. One time I even used it to host a game in Titan Quest while at a friend’s house so I could give him some items.

Anyway, it certainly gets my seal of approval.

Why didn’t I realize this. I’m totally installing this on my parents machines. They are computer retarded and constantly call me with tech issues. Now I can just hop on their computers.

Same. I did buy around 15 copies of LogMeIn pro for situations that require printing, but that’s out of hundreds of machines.

Again, same, except for the LMI Rescue. I found it slow and buggy in comparison to GoToMyPc (which I dislike except for one off tech support calls) and a couple other solutions.

Use it. Love it. I bought the iPad version and it works really well.

So how does this work? If someone is using the computer you can hijack it remotely and they can’t do anything about it outside of turning the computer off or severing the internet connection?

They can shut down the LogMeIn application that’s running in the system tray. When it connects there’s a dim notification on the top center of the screen. I think the local user has priority on UI control. It’s not like they’re helpless.

With non-techies however they often don’t realize you’re connected. I WON’T say what I caught my 80 year old grandfather watching when I connected into his PC to check on an issue.

Now that logmein free is DEAD what is everybody else using instead? What I loved about logmein is I created a secondary account and put my parents and less technologically savvy friends on the account. If I ever needed to do remote support I would just get on that account and I would be in with NO interaction needed from the end user (this is especially important when it comes to my parents).

Considered alternatives:

  • Remote desktop. Love it, use it for myself. Parents can’t watch what my doing. Remote assistance I never tried but I’m guessing it requires some interaction from the end point.
  • Google remote desktop. Works great for myself especially from the chromebook. The assistance thing takes a few steps with an access code they have to send me and isn’t very obvious on how to launch it in the first place. It would fail the parent test.
  • Team viewer. It has more popups than an 80’s geocities website. It’s so naggy and annoying. If they had a cheaper personal license I would almost consider purchasing it. The free version is just too annoying to use and also causes incompatibilities with certain games by just having the service running in the background (like blacklight retribution as one example).
  • VNC and friends: ultra, tight, real, etc. I bit too basic. No nice consolidated front end of all you computers like logmein has. Not very performant.