Logan Lucky (Ocean's 7-Eleven)


Having never been to American South, I just don’t know how authentic the accent is. I didn’t recognise Sebastian Stan, otherwise all the stars made this really Ocean’s 7-Eleven. And it is great. I thought Ocean’s 13 jumped the shark but after all Soderbergh still has some gas left in the tank.

I kind of wonder where Ocean’s Eight (supposed Ocean all female reboot/sequel) will be after seeing this. (I love Ocean’s Twelve btw, it is just a lot of self-referential fun. Yes I’m weird.)


I finished watching this yesterday. The relationship between Logan and the little girl was really well done. I’ve only seen Adam Driver in Force Awakens, and wasn’t sure what to think of him. But after seeing him in this movie, I have more faith in him now, as an actor.

My favorite part of the movie had to be Daniel Craig. It was great to see him in a role so different from James Bond. And that scene in the prison about Game of Thrones was hilarious.


Just saw it, and weird observation, but there were two movies released last year that featured Channing Tatum as well as the John Denver song Take Me Home, Country Road.


I was persuaded to watch this by the general enthusiasm in this thread and boy do I wish I’d listened to the podcast first because I did not like it at all. I didn’t hate it quite as much as Tom and Christien, but my complaints were much the same. It was just a cavalcade of lazy southern stereotypes and a caper that was neither inherently interesting nor entertainingly unfurled in the denouement. The jokes mostly fell flat (god that GRR Martin bit was painful, and it will not age well) and there was surprisingly little action.


Yeah, feel the same. Complete waste of time.