LOGistICAL - Sublime Logistical Strategy Puzzling


We shall have to disagree.


We shall. I mean I’m a known idiot, and yet the UI clicked with me in short order.


Likewise (the UI clicking quite quickly).


So they’re re-selling the same territories again? Or will this integrate in some way with previously purchased stuff?


I BELIEVE integrate, if i recall the previous modules will get the updates found in these new ones.




I’m at 60% on Australia. I own New Zealand, but haven’t tried it out. When I’m done with Australia (or give up on it), does anyone have a recommendation for the next DLC to jump into? I wouldn’t want anything more challenging than the upper/lower east coast of Australia.


I’ve only done Australia and Hawaii. Hawaii is a trip.


@Nightgaunt I recommend playing a territory you are familiar with. I had a lot of fun playing through Florida, where I currently live, and Upstate New York, where I lived in my early 20s. It just had an extra layer of interest and enjoyment by knowing many of the towns.

If you don’t have anything familiar available to you, then I would go with Brazil or South Africa, as they are easier modules.


So if I buy this game, then in the near future I can bring all LOGistICAL 1 stuff into it?

And does the F5 hotkey work properly yet? :)


lol Steam says that Logistical 2 “doesn’t look like other things you’ve played in the past.”

I guess the 1712 hours and counting I’ve logged on Logistical 1 doesn’t move the dial…


So a month ago we had Belgium but now…Washington?

I’m not entirely sure what’s going with the titling here, but hey, new stuff, so yay!


So Belgium and Washington have the new features of Logistical 2. They say some of those features are backwards compatible… does that mean that if I buy one of those that my Australia game (I’m at 78%!) will get updated as well?

Who has tried the new features? Good?


I’ve not dived THAT deep into the new stuff, but the mailbox mechanic in the new games is nifty, just so different, so I’m not really used to it yet.

The plan is to apparently eventually port all of the stuff from the first game to work with the second, not sure how long that’ll take though.


I bought Logistical - USA / Oregon and so far either it’s hugely boring and has mostly involved repairing roads and not having the resources to actually solve many cities or else I’m doing it wrong.


Also, I could swear that when I bought this game I “owned” australia but now it appears that I…don’t?

EDIT: or maybe it’s just the game’s terrible, awful, no-good UI making me think I don’t own it.


Oregon is a standalone, so it doesn’t include the original Australia module.

I’ve been told Oregon is one of the easier scenarios. Did you do the tutorial island and ABC Islands?


Yes to both. (I bought the original Logistical way back when so i bought oregon as an ‘addon’).

It’s not hard it’s just…ponderous?

Example: to upgrade the steel mill (and iron mine) i require wood.
The wood is locked behind a road that requires -=-=-=-= FOUR HUNDRED (400) =-=-=-=- steel, which is pretty far away. At 8 steel per load, with 4 trucks (plus one feeding iron to the steel mill) running at 6x speed, this takes approximately…[calculator…add the 4…carry the 2…] 6.3 trillion years.


That sounds…odd. Were I you, I’d go to their Discord and ask about that. I’ve not done Oregon, but I’ve never run into an issue like that.


At least on the Steam community forums, other people have noticed this too. It’s not nonfunctional. It’s just poor puzzle design (IMO.)