Logitech G7 and loose battery contact

I got a Logitech G7 wireless mouse since everyone was praising it, and the cable of my MX 518 had a habit of getting stuck on various devices. The G7 itself works nicely and is perhaps the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever had, even though I’d really like a forward button.

However, the battery packs have been causing trouble. When I got the mouse it would reset itself several times per hour, apparently due to poor connection of the battery pack with the mouse contacts. The retention mechanism is really cheap for a €85 mouse – the three battery contacts should have individual springs to compensate for a shifting battery pack position.

I could mostly fix the issue with some adhesive tape on the battery pack where the retention claw grips it, so that the pack is more firmly pressed against its contacts. But I was wondering if this is a common issue? Should I mail back the mouse for an exchange?

…and off it goes for an exchange. The retention claw got stuck completely and wouldn’t come out anymore. Possibly my taping has contributed a little but there were no visible traces of glue.

I googled for this problem and didn’t find anyone else mentioning it, neither reviewers nor users. Did I get the only defective G7 mouse worldwide? Are Logitech’s free whores really that good? If so, why didn’t I get any? :(