Logitech Gaming Software Problem and MacOS

I recently received a Logitech G203 gaming mouse and proceeded to install the latest version of the Logitech Gaming Software. After a couple of restarts and reboots it appeared to work EXCEPT that there is now a green “Profile” notification that flashes in the upper left side of my screen every 15 or 20 seconds. I used CleanMyMac X to uninstall all of the Logitech software and the green “Profile” notification continues to flash. I did a complete scan using CleanMyMac and it STILL flashes.

Now I am contemplating needing to reset my whole computer (I thought that was only a Windows thing) but does anybody have any idea why/how this can happen (a software package completely removed but this annoying residue remains)?

Thinking it might be mouse related, I even switched out the G203 with another non-Logitech mouse and it is still flashing. Help!

How about this from Reddit?

  • Delete the G Hub application from /Applications
  • Trash the entire folder lghub at ~/Library/Application Support/
  • Trash ~/Library/Application Support/Logitech/Gaming/ ghubDevices.json
  • Trash settings.json from that same folder

Too late now, and lesson learned, but never ever install Logitech software on a Mac. It’s crap. Has been for over a decade.

Edit: I would contact Logitech before I did a system wipe. Probably some console hack will remove it.

Edit 2: SMC and PRAM reset?

I’ve deleted the Logitech folder in library multiple times and like Frankenstein, every time I reboot it magically reappears along with my friend the flashing “Profile” notification. I’ll need to call Logitech, but thanks for the help!

I have an all-Logitech setup (in Windows however, and don’t currently own a Mac) and am required to have both thje old LGS and new G-Hub installed for my G13 game board and the G933 headphones to work at all. G-Hub has definitely turned into shittier, less functional software from LGS and decided to arbitrarily drop support for older devices. Razer is no better in this with certain peripherals of certain vintage only appearing in their older Razer Synapse versions.

That’s why I wondered about setting SMC/PRAM, something could be in memory doing it. Or something in the start up preferences. Obviously CleanMyMac isn’t finding it all.

I’ve never seen a persistent profile notification for my Logitech mouse (G520SE) using G-Hub. Is there a pic or screencap or what it looks like on the Internet?

Here is a screen shot.

Oh shit that’s super weird

Is there an option to disable OSD notifications when it was / is installed?

Oddly enough, I put the laptop to sleep last night and this morning the “Profile” is gone! I have no idea why or how, but it is no longer showing up.

Has been for over two decades.

Frankly, it’s incredible painless and fast (especially if you are running an SSD). After years of Windows trauma, I double backed for months before reinstalling from one of my weekly backups. Then I was like “Oh”. Now whenever the OS seems to hit some fan, I just restore. Saves much troubles — and nerves.

I used to have exactly that Profile issue and it was caused by Razer Synapse software from a Razer gaming mouse (on MacOS, last summer).

True. I do a weekly boot backup to an external SSD. If I do need to restore, it would be easy. Highly recommended. With Carbon Copy Cloner all I have to do is plug in the drive. It does everything automatically.

I had the Logitech solar Mac keyboard years ago. Worked great, no problems. Then one day I was troubleshooting something else and went into the log. The drivers for it were causing errors every few seconds and writing to the log. Pages upon pages of it. Uninstalled the drivers. Still getting the errors. Everything worked fine, but I was annoyed. Don’t think I ever got rid of it.

Hmm, I actually have that installed and never deleted it. I could never get the Razer software to work with MacOS which is why I purchased the Logitech mouse. So maybe that is the culprit!

I also re-installed the Logitech software and with the exception of one last “Profile”, it has gone away. The mouse works well with the software and really the only issue was that “Profile” notification.

Nuke it from orbit!

It IS the only way to be sure, after all.

Sounds kills the Razer software was absolutely the culprit

It took even more effort getting rid of the Razer software. Required multiple terminal commands and patience. Would somebody advise Apple to make a decent mouse for MacOS please? Clearly these gaming mouse companies don’t care about polluting MacOS. Even the Logitech Gaming Software that works has 11 (that is ELEVEN) individual programs that would need to be uninstalled.

I should also mention that on the flip side of things, I put up with this nonsense because this MBP 16 is awesome. Quiet, fast, and just about perfect. I am now past the official return date, purchased my Apple Care +, and am looking forward to at least three-years of computing bliss.

I used to use MX Master-series mice (without installing Logitech software but bought SteerMouse at http://www.plentycom.jp/en/steermouse/download.php instead) with my Macs but learned to accept that the Apple trackpad was superior in 90% of things combining it with BetterTouchTool.

I actually have a touchpad, so maybe I will spend some more time with it. My Windows PC ways are hard to change!