Long plane journey - handheld preparations

Two ten-plus hour flights in prospect over the next few weeks, so I’m trying to load up on as much handheld goodness as possible. Here’s where I currently stand:

Clubhouse Games
Elite Beat Agents
New Super Mario Bros
Mario Kart
Advance Wars

The gf (whom I’m travelling with) is bringing her DS too so the download play on a lot of these games should keep us amused. I just picked up Elite Beat Agents today, that seems very much my “thing”, although the guy at EB warned me that it gets very hard indeed…

Gf also picked up Children of Mana based entirely on its cutesiness to go along with her Yoshi’s Island. I’m curious to give that a spin as part of my continued desire to learn all about JRPGs.

Almost picked up Cooking Mama at only $20, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Nothing so far… perhaps Ultimate Ghosts’n’Goblins and/or Loco Roco. I was very close to picking up Vice City Stories today… can anyone with hands-on experience recommend it?

I tried to get Portable Ops at EB today, but they were sold out. I wonder if it’s a tough find all over right now…

BTW, I was stunned to see that there is a March of the Penguins game for DS. What’s all that about? Is this the first ever videogame based on a documentary?

DragonQuest Rocket Slime.

Good game with GREAT writing (seriously). The story should engross you and help the hours slip by.

I’ve been playing Exit on the PSP lately. It’s a pretty cool little puzzle-action game with a nifty graphic style and some nice animation. It’s also cheap.

If you like Mega Man at all, go for Mega Man Powered Up for the PSP.

I think you should go with Final Fantasy III for the Japanese RPG thing.

I agree with FF3 I am about 4 hours in to it and already I find it leaps and bounds better then FF4.

There was a whole other thread that I started about FFIII for DS and almost everyone told me that it was too hardcore for a JRPG noob, and not that good either.

Well they are wrong I tell you!

Its not that hardcore at all. I dunno what these people are smoking.

Yeah, but you’re not an RPG n00b in general, so I think you’d appreciate all the systems in a game like FFIII. JRPGs really aren’t that different from PC RPGs except for their often straight as an arrow linear story telling. The combat systems and item usage is where the real meat of the games are at.

Nope. There was Capturing the Friedmans for the GBA.


Too bad it wasn’t for the DS, or they could have put the touch screen to good use.

Long plane journey, hand-held preparations


ducks the thrown objects

I definitely think it says something about the DS vs PSP that I own both systems and I’m taking the DS plus about a half-dozen games with me and currently nothing for the PSP.

I definitely think it says something about the DS vs PSP that I own both systems and I’m taking the DS plus about a half-dozen games with me and currently nothing for the PSP.

It doesn’t say anything, really. The PSP has a ton of good games in all sorts of genres. If you’re not interested, though, you’re not interested. I don’t know what PSP games you have/don’t have/tried but don’t like so it’s kind of hard to make recommendations.

Could you even do download play on a plane? It is wireless.

Any chance it’s because the PSP games are close to games you’ve played on the 360/PS2, and the DS games are different styles?

Assuming you’re not just after Download Play stuff, and you like adventure games and their ilk, then Phoenix Wright and the sequel should keep you amused for awhile. I don’t think the sequel’s out in Western territories yet, but the DS is region free, and the Japanese cart has the full English translation on it (there’s a touch button on the title screen). There are a few typos, but the translation itself is pretty much note perfect.


This isn’t a game recommendation, but as someone who has grown sick of traveling I’ve grown quite fond of my Archos 604. Makes the time pass a little easier and helps turn the mind off.

I was a little hesitant to pick up the 604 because I’m not much of a tv watcher, but I’ve since become a convert and an avid Sports Night and HBO drama watcher.

Good call! Man, that was pretty weak of me to miss making a DS joke with a Capturing the Friedmans reference. Why don’t you take over for me on the funny front, Andrew?


Nah, I was just taking your joke to its logical conclusion, rendering it low-brow along the way.

GTA Vice City Stories is exactly what you would expect. If you enjoyed Vice City for the PS2/XB/PC you will enjoy VCS.

Castlevania:Portrait of Ruin is a pretty solid bet. More of the same, but still entertaining.

Yoshi’s Island 2 comes greatly recommended.

I’d go with FFV Advance over FF3 DS. Better pacing, deeper mechanics, you just miss out on the 3D.

If you haven’t played Phoenix Wright yet, the plane ride would be a great time to do so.

Have you tired the either of the GBA or DS Mario & Luigi games? I haven’t tried the DS incarnation but the GBA one (Superstar Saga), which I picket up for $20 at Walmart, hasn’t left my DS in a few weeks. It’s great. It’s an interactive JRPG.