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Every time someone has The Big Lebowski high up on their list, it makes me distrust the whole list. I want to see someone rank these movies who feels like it should be near the bottom. It’s a movie in which the characters never feel like real characters to me. It’s actors spouting lines. They can’t even get me to suspend disbelief long enough to that level.

Maybe it’s because I don’t really know any stoners? Maybe then it would resonate more and the characters wouldn’t seem so cartoonish?

Every time someone distrusts The Big Lebowski’s high list placement, it makes me doubt their very existence in time and space.

You’re obviously not a brother shamus.

Dude, did someone micturate on your rug?

Nobody fucks with the Jesus Rock8man.

“Eight year olds, Dude.”

For me, The Big Lebowski is on top. There are ones like Fargo which are great, and there are ones I still need to see that I’ve been putting off for years like Miller’s Crossing, but Lebowski wins because it has near endless rewatchablity for me. I can always pop it in and have a good time, whereas other ones I just need to be in the right mood for. Always thought it strange how it gets called a stoner comedy. Yes, he’s a stoner and it is a comedy, but weed isn’t the focus. The White Russian’s are more prevalent than the weed. It shouldn’t be lumped in with Half Baked and Harold and Kumar.

I did not know Bruce Campbell was in Hudsucker Proxy. I want to see that now.

I think y’all are underrating True Grit to no small amount. I found it as good if not better then No Country for Old Men.

I wouldn’t call it better, but as good seems about right.

It’s in my top three!

True Grit is really good. Since it’s the Coens, I was watching very nervously, expecting something horrible to happen any minute. Gladly, it never did.

It is a good Film. It isn’t as good as the first film, and it is nowhere near the equal of Barton Fink, let alone No Country or Miller’s Crossing.

Is there a weak scene in Lebowski? I can’t think of one. Most movies have some scenes for exposition, to move the story along. Some are dull and forgettable and you really don’t ever need to see them again. Every scene in The Big Lebowski is entertaining and worth watching repeated viewings. Even the opening credits are great.

As to True Grit, the Coen’s is better than the original. The original is ok and it’s great the John Wayne finally won the Academy, but the Coen’s version just seems…grittier?

The dream sequence. Filmmakers seem to love making them, but there has never been a surreal dream sequence committed to film that wasn’t the weakest scene in that film. I’ll admit that due to its sheer confident gonzo-ness, the Lebowski sequence almost pulls it off, but not quite.

Inception? American Beauty?

Dream sequences can work, but I hear ya, some just annoy you for slowing the movie down.

The dream sequence is probably the weakest, you’re right. I also hate dream sequences in novels as well.

They do almost pull it off in the movie, though. I think it helps that they have that great song by Kenny Rogers and the Fifth Edition.

The dream sequence is worth it for the expression on Jeff Bridges’ face, if nothing else.


Objectively wrong.

I bet you prefer the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ version of “Fire” to Hendrix’s because it sounds ‘faster’?

The Dude, Walter and the Coens themselves probably prefer the original.

Take a lap or suffer a coffee cup to the forehead.

The characters in The Big Lebowski aren’t really supposed to feel like “real people”. It’s a heightened reality, like the Tarantino thing, almost.

I’m also going to put No Country above True Grit. “Whoa, differences.”