Looking for a child-sized tea set

I’m looking for a nice little tea set to buy for my daughter. I don’t want something trashy and cheesy like the barbie stuff I’ve seen at Toys R Us and the only decent looking ones we’ve found in other local retailers have only had settings for two.

We’d like to find a little girls’ tea set with settings for four that my daughter can use for tea parties with her stuffed animals, real life friends, and maybe even her parents.

I’m not really up on the details of how little girls play tea, so I’m not sure if actual tea would ever be served in them - I’m guessing probably not?

So – does anybody have any leads to a good online source?

My daughter’s 2, so I’m in much the same boat as you.

However, we’ve found that she’s way to rough with toys to consider buying her real dishware. The cheap stuff from Toys R Us gets broken enough as it is.

She had a tea set…I keep finding individual dishes/saucers/cups in the couches, hidden behind chairs, in her brothers’ dirty clothes piles.

You might want to try this…it’s pricey, but really cute. I’ve bought grown up sized tea stuff from this place and been very impressed.

It’s not an online source, but do you have any charity or antique/junk shops nearby? Some charity shop like Goodwill almost certainly has tons of old cups and saucers for a few cents. I’d imagine small teacups wouldn’t be too small for a child, and she’d probably enjoy helping pick them out too. And if she breaks it – no great loss! Might be worth looking into anyway.

She’s 3.5 years old and pretty good about not breaking stuff… I thought about the goodwill route, but really want to get her something nice.

edit thanks for the great link - that looks like just what I’m looking for.

If you teach her how to make tea, she’ll finally be able to start pulling her weight around the house.

We got one at Costco that is painted wood. Looks nice and is pretty sturdy. Can’t find a brand name anywhere on it though.