Looking for good career based NCAA basketball coaching sim

What I’m looking for is basically Football Manager for NCAA basketball. The ability to take over a real life NCAA BB team, with real conferences and tourneys and of course a realistic March Madness selection and tourney. Good scouting and recruiting of high school and jr. college students would be a must, since that is such a big part of being an NCAA basketball coach. Ideally you could start as the coach of a smaller school and if you did well enough, get offers to move to bigger schools (i.e. a focus on the career part, thus the reference to Football Manager.)

Anything like that out there?

Fast break College Basketball 2. It has everything your looking for I think. I played the original version a ton.

Draft Day Sports College Basketball

Huh. Just when I was all set on Fast Break College Basketball. Any comparisons of this vs. FBCB?

It has more wiz and bang compared to FBCB. Best way to determine which one is for you is to try the demos.

Agreed, try both demos. I don’t think either is a bad choice.