Looking for help finding an interesting RPG


Wow I had never even heard of this - looks great.


Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ve spent some time looking at Let’s Plays, and I think I’ll try Age of Decadence first. My only regret is the lack of wilderness exploration.

Ironically, I had looked at Balrum reviews on my own earlier today, but was put off by comments in this thread: Looking for a good single-character RPG Is the general consensus that it is good? If so, I still have to consider it.

Lots of good ideas here, though. I think the only title in the entire thread which I already played was Baldur’s Gate, many years back.


Also free on GOG if you prefer that.


Gothic 1/2/3 and Risen 1/2/3 have beautiful worlds and great exploration.
Not turnbased though. But combat in first two Gothic games and first Risen is great.


UnReal World

Hits almost all of your bullet points.


The Long Dark is the one I’d say give a look at. It’s one of the most atmospheric games to come out in awhile, and combat is limited. It is not turn based, but the slow burn pacing of the survival mechanics might appeal to you. Play on Sandbox mode, which up until recently was the only mode there was. The story mode is a little more on rails.


That was going to be my recommendation, but it’s NOT light on combat. There’s a lot of combat in M&M X. But since it’s turn based combat, it’s really enjoyable, so I would still second this recommendation.

Baldur’s Gate is very combat heavy, and it’s not turn-based. It has pausable combat, sure, but a fucking metric ton of it. And it’s not enjoyable at all.


Another vote for Eschalon. A really charming, old school feeling, single player RPG with tons of exploration, puzzle solving, quests, and character development/customization. It’s difficult, there’s no hand holding, fights are challenging, but don’t take long, and don’t happen every 3 feet, and are also usually avoidable by just running away.

You can spend a couple of hours in Eschalon, just re-rolling your dice to get better stats at startup :P



That’s true. He didn’t say anything about UI…


I bounced hard off of Unreal World because I couldn’t grasp the myriad of keyboard based commands and combat seemed like something to be avoided at all costs, which is not really what I think when I think RPG. I know tons of people absolutely love the game, but it just turned me off from the start.


It is not an RPG but it needs to be said… for exploration… Elite Dangerous is king. Nothing comes close.


Yeah, it’s undoubtedly a niche game. Too bad really, I would love if there were more than the one guy in Finland making games like this. In my opinion it’s the only game that does the “survival” subgenre properly.


I’d crank the difficulty all the way down and go with The Witcher 3. There’s fighting, but it nails everything else on your list, and there’s less fighting than you would think for a game about a monster hunter. At least there was the way I played it.


Not necessarily on topic, but I realized the other day that I never played Jade Empire. Is there a new HD version coming out? Is it still good? Will the graphics make my eyes bleed after being spoiled by Witcher 3?


No HD Version coming that we know of. And it wasn’t a hit game, so I doubt that’s in the cards.

I haven’t played it since it came out, but looking at screenshots just now, I’d say it still holds up since the art was very stylized to begin with. Plus there was lots of bloom lighting everywhere, which gives the screenshots a dream-like quality even today, like it did back then. I’d say it looks good.

I’d say you should go for it. I enjoyed it a lot back in the day. My best guess would be that it still holds up.

Caveat: I played it with a controller on Xbox OG. If you’re getting it on PC and using mouse and keyboard, I have no idea how it will feel. It’s an ARPG in terms of gameplay, very action-oriented with lots of fun buttonmashing. I don’t think that would translate well to the mouse and keyboard.


Hmm thanks. It does look like it has an interesting artistic style.


I just played it a few months ago. Looked fine at 4k with a high rez texture pack. It was fun, I finished it. Blew the romance, as it’s harder to trigger than most Bioware games.


I’ll just second everything you said here. Loved it.


I’ve been curiosly following this thread as well, but I just assumed you’d already played The Witcher 3, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. If not - GOOD GOD WHY NOT