Looking for help finding an interesting RPG


… maybe something off the beaten trail.

Most of all, I enjoy games with lots of exploration, finding things and finding things out. Interesting wilderness and interesting towns are huge plusses. So is atmosphere.

1st or 3rd person is fine, single player or party is fine. Not into online games.

Much prefer turned-based or maybe pausable combat, and less combat is better.

Really don’t like the sense that an RPG is on rails. Better to have little or no story line, than to feel hemmed in by story (especially yet another story about saving the world).

Not much into post-apocolyptic, modern weaponry, or zombies. Which probably means the standard faux-medieval, which is fine with or without magic. But open to other settings.

Not overly fussy about graphics, although I have my limits. :)

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Age of Decadence, perhaps? Other than that, it’s hard to find one that meets all the things you want.

You might want to consider Divinity: Original Sin 2. Even if the main game doesn’t exactly work for you, the mods potencial in that one is beyond the roof.


Age of Decadence



Betting is now open on whether OP has already played the perfect answer for his recommendation thread but neglected to mention he has played it.


Age of Decadence is a niche enough title, that if I were a betting man, I’d vote on him not having played that yet.


To be fair, Age of Decadence is probably not the best game for “interesting wilderness” or outdoors exploration. There are outdoors areas, but it’s not what I’d call the normal open-world type land.

That said, it’s the least “on-rails” RPG ever.


Let’s clarify our terms here - I’ll say up front that I haven’t played Age of Decadence but it’s been on my radar for a while. But when you say it’s not “on-rails” you’re saying it has tons of options, but I don’t get the impression that there’s much actual exploration involved, which was one of the OP’s criteria.


I like that you can buy it on Steam for $29.99, or for 76 cents less you can buy it plus another game.


Avernum: Escape from the Pit is nonlinear and turn-based with a substantial exploration focus. quite a bit of combat but I can’t think of many RPGs that don’t have that.


Yeah, he probably should have listed games he’s played already and whether or not they fit the bill.


This, I believe, actually meets much of your criteria.


Arcanum? It doesn’t hit all of the bullet points, but it has a lot going for it and it’s easily my favorite RPG.


I’m going to recommend one of my favorite indie RPG series, Eschalon. It meets most of the OP’s criteria, has both a great sense of nostalgia and a modern sensibility, and yet is probably not something the OP has played already.

Best of all, Eschalon : Book One is FREE on Steam right now.


Exploration? Try UnderRail.


So, lovew this list except he tool off sci-fi, post apoc…any hidden gems in this arena? ;)


The newest Wasteland game - turn based combat, some exploration. (negative is post apocalyptic).
One of the Shadowrun games.
Might and Magic X Legacy
Darklands (ugly these days, but I think has the things you want)
Divine Divinity / Beyond Divinity
Steve Jackson’s Sorcery Complete


Seconded. I played Eschalon Book 2 all the way to the end, which is rare for me. I like the mechanics and there is a lot of exploration, it’s an “older school” title with a lot of fog of war to uncover on the world and mini-maps.


Roguelikes tick nearly everyone of these boxes.

  • RPG where you level up your character
  • exploration,
  • finding things and finding things out.
  • Interesting wilderness
  • atmosphere.
  • single player
  • Not online
  • turned-based
  • not on rails.
  • little or no story line,
  • Not post-apocolyptic, modern weaponry, or zombies.
  • Not overly fussy about graphics,

I would suggest Caves of Qud (which is post-post apocalyptic so has almost come back around to medieval).


I also think roguelikes are a good choice. But for something different consider Balrum

As for something that I think meets the spirit of your request but not necessarily all the bullet points, I think Trails in the Sky does a great job of fostering a sense of adventure as you roam from town to town doing adventurer stuff (solving crimes, acting in plays, fixing streetlamps, etc)


Baldur’s Gate.