Looking for new IEMs?

Here’s a near-bottomless, constantly updated resource. Pricing information may not be 100% current, but the rest seems to be. Not a lot of audiophile nonsense on Head-Fi, and no shame attached to seeking value for money. 125 pages of discussion follows.

Man, that site got huge over the years. Look at the dedication by that poster. You don’t see that in anything but the top tier enthusiast forums.


(Edit: I can vouch for the Hippo VBs. They’re a fantastic set of iems for the price.)

shrug Compared with the other audio forums I’ve read, these guys are salt of the earth. Experience-based over conventional wisdom and conspicuous consumption.

Depends where you’re looking. Over in the amp forum, there’s a lot of nonsense about multi-thousand-dollar amps (and I have taken some schadenfreude in the Singlepower debacle, wherein a dude who handmade super-expensive amps that people raved about turns out to have been a scam artist who made products that were borderline electrically unsafe).

Awesome, they’re still making Apheared 47 amps in the DIY forum.

Hey man, if you’re not willing to risk a few volts for bass… ;P