Looking for reasonable $50-100 wireless router/modem

Looking to set the lady up with a wireless network at her house for her laptop, I am getting her signed up for ADSL, but the standard modem + wireless router deal they offer gives a D-Link modem that cNet reviewers slammed for poor performance and drop outs.

Anyone got any recommendations? I looked up a few more models and they also all had pretty poor reviews, or mixxed reviews.

Figured some folks here would have some experience with cheaper kit of this type and might be able to offer some suggestions…

This in NZ Calistas? If so, you get a bit limited, since Telecom decided to support PPPoA as their DSL standard which means there’s almost no choice in combo wireless/DSL hardware (I don’t think Linksys make anything for PPPoA anymore).

There’s nothing I can think of in the price range you’ve listed - otherwise it would be a cheap modem from DSE + Linksys wireless router :)

O, Kryten, I was using US dollars. Lets think $100 to $200nz :)