Loose Cannon: back from the dead?


What the?!

And while I’m at it, why is Rayman 3 only $19.99 for the PC but $39.99 for the Xbox?

The next few months are surprisingly eventful for the Xbox, anyway, in terms of software releases.

What I saw a couple years ago at e3 when Ubisoft took the project over it was but a shadow of what Tony Zurovec had intended.

It’s The Game That Would Not Die. It’s been around for about five years now at about four different development houses. Sinister Games in Raleigh (just down the road from wumpus!) took it over about a year and a half ago. Ubi really seems to want to make it a AAA title… after the success of Splinter Cell, they expanded the team at Sinister and hired a bunch of the better guys from iROCK.

You can see the wheels turning in the executives’ heads. “Hey, it’s sorta like Grand Theft Auto. You drive around and smash other cars, and you can get out and run around.”

I know this thread is long dead, but has anyone seen anything about this game at E3?

Well, I believe Rayman 3 retailed for $29.99 (PC) and did so well EB and/or Ubi Soft price-dropped it to a slow, merciful death.

— Alan

Just asking again, a lone, pitiful voice in the wilderness: “did anyone see loose cannon at E3?” I’ve just about given up hope on this game – a game which, two years ago, I was drooling over. sigh

Er, yeah, the game doesn’t exist on ebgames any more. So much for that.

IGN has it down as an XBox title due from Ubi Soft in August.