"Looter" recommendations?

Fair warning: I couldn’t play M&M VI when it came out because I thought it was too ugly. I was a fan of M&M 3 and 5, because they were 2d artwork, but 6 made the jump to early 3D combined with sprites, and I just couldn’t get over how ugly it looked.

With that said, maybe it’s actually more bearable now, as a retro sort of look. I know people are more tolerant of uglier games nowadays. I know I am.

I enjoyed M&M6 at release, but it did look uggo even then. I don’t find it playable now, like most early 3D games.

If anyone decides to play M&M VI: Mandate of Heaven today, be sure to find the fan-made patches that enable full mouse-look and perhaps a few other QoL enhancements, otherwise it will be pure agony to play in addition to the ugly and we don’t want both agony and ugly revisiting this old game, do we? Patches might even make it a little prettier though I played it about 10 years ago so don’t know what new things might have been brought to the game since then. Admittedly, those character portraits from digitized sources are terrible. I’m pretty sure I see both Lucy Lawless as Xena and James Brolin as Generic Fantasy Barbarian Guy there.

Nioh 2

Nioh 2

Nioh 2

Warhammer 40K inquisitor - Its sort of diablo set in the Warhammer 40K universe, with tons of interesting loot, interesting classes and a myriad of ways to play, that are all viable.

I cant believe Brian didn’t sell you on this!

Warframe is the best loot shooter right now. Good mechanics, huge world, good story, open world aspects, crafting, trading - it has it all.

Nioh 2 is a great Dark Souls clone with expanded loot chasing mechanics and a huge build variety. If you are the kind of player who mastered DS to the point that you own bosses without getting hit, Nioh 2 gives you a reason to keep grinding (loooooot).

D2 Ressurected is good old D2. It’s also getting a balance patch soon (player testing phase atm) with major buffs to forgotten builds (amazon melee, ranged barb, fire druid etc.).

Oh I thought we were just doing shooters. Yeah Inquisitor is amazing.

God, how could I forget Nioh 2? I guess I don’t really think of it as a looter, but it is, and there’s some really fine loot indeed! And it’s one of the best games I’ve played, ever.


Has anyone mentioned Nioh 2 yet?

So did Nioh 1 , not have looter aspects?

After Nioh 2 came out, I asked in one of the Nioh threads if Nioh 1 was still worth playing, and the consensus seemed to be “No”, so I ignored the deep sale going on at the time.

Of course, then the Epic Game Store gave away Nioh Complete Edition, so I’m tempted to play that one over Nioh 2 anyway, screw Qt3!

It did, but Nioh 2 is an improvement in pretty much every aspect, including the loot.


Looter or lootier?

Oohhh good call, lots of fun toys in those games.

Don’t feel bad. Just understand that it means I’m a bigger fan of the game than you are.

I’m not sure it has “BL level of loot goodness and fun” though. The loot and the loot interface are more on the grindy side. At least it’s pretty satisfying once you get used to it.

I’ve never played the Nioh games so looking forward to giving them a try, thanks!