Lost Planet: Colonies Edition

I played the whole thing and still don’t understand what the black smoke monster is. I argued the store clerk into a refund.

Y’all need to stop posting late at night while drunk. Seriously.

It’s possible we are poking fun at zengonzo, who was hoping Lost Planet would be a detailed ice cube making and trading sim.

WHY CAN"T I MOVE???!!?!!1!!?


That’s what I said when that underground hydra boss made me fall down and I couldn’t get up!

Ok, Just roll and you are invincible. There’s no stun lock if you learn to roll. Even if you are hit, I think the worst cycle I got was 3 hits I couldn’t roll out from on the spidertank/drone boss, and that was because I forgot to kill the drones.

Alright, I give up, where did this come from? I must have missed an important thread somewhere.

You have to keep up with the qt3 memes

It’s mostly to do with a Bioshock argument between Tom and Quitch. The meme apparently gain momentum when Adree lend his usual visual flair to the commentary.

Isn’t that where the Narrator should’ve come in? What the hell do we pay that guy for, anyway?

“Ice is civilization!”

Thanks Arthur.

I don’t mean that I misunderstood what Lost Planet was going to be - as I had absolutely no idea - but these days, for me, it’s not enough to be a straight-forward action game … Not with so many games that give you X on top of that.

Give me a 4x ice-trading, pirate sim where I can kill mechhookers for their sweet, frosty loots and you won’t hear a fucking peep from me.


How this game still has an active online community baffles me. It’s terrible. It’s slow, it’s hard to aim, and you spend 75% of your play time knocked on your ass. Most importantly, how am I supposed to get my MGC Average into the green if beating single player only nets 5 (five!) achievement points? Damn you Amazon Deal of the Day!

ColonelT, you need to roll a lot. If you roll, you don’t go into stun lock and you can still aim and fire at whatever was trying to get you.

I enjoyed it a lot, but clearly if you wanted achievements, the original Lost Planet was the one to get. I believe I got almost 500 points out of finishing single player. Colonies edition’s achievements are designed for people who already had the original game and finished it, so they focused all the gamerscore on the multiplayer achievements.