Lost Planet: Colonies Edition

Any interest out there for this budget priced re-issue? I really liked the mechs and stately pace of combat in the original and figure I’ll probably pick this one up for $30.

I’m a bit weary after reading this review:

“This game sucked” -funkmastergeneral, NeoGAF

I like the idea of mechs and ice pirates, but I’ve never been much for monstersport, and when I played the first I felt the combat required a moderate pace but found the controls were mushy and awkward.

I was also hoping for more of an open worldy: maintain your mechs, perhaps trade some snow, harvest ice cubes - like Sid Meier’s Ice Pirates!, or something. But it seemed much more level-focused.

Maybe at twenty bucks … Maybe if they keep pushing back Saint’s Row and Mercenaries …

What, did reading tire you out?

Never played the original, was it fun?

I liked it a lot. It’s not for everyone though. Luckily there’s a demo for the game on XBL that you can download, which is pretty representative of the game, despite the fact that the demo came out about 6 months before the game. It has an easy level where you kill some bugs that look like they came straight out of Starship Troopers, and it has a much harder level where you’re fighting human opponents, some of whom are in Mechs, some in Turrets. Obviously in the full game, that level is a lot easier because they actually teach you how to deal with those kinds of situations, unlike the demo, where the level just starts and you’re wondering how on earth you’re supposed to not get your ass kicked by Mechs and people in turrets.

The game has a lot of atmosphere, and even though people complain about the controls, I didn’t have a problem with them because the main protagonist’s animations are a pretty good indicator of when you have control, and when you’re just falling down and trying to scramble back up. So yes, the controls feel a little sloppy at times, but they match perfectly with the animations you see on the screen, so it didn’t bother me.

My recommendation: try the demo and judge for yourself.

  1. You can’t look up very far. This in a game where you get attacked by monster birds a lot – from directly above you.

  2. Bosses have special attacks that stunlock you. Dude gets up, boss rumbles, dude falls down. Repeat ad infinitum.

Also, the bosses are insanely hard compared to the general level of difficulty but I guess that counts as a bonus for the people who like this kind of game.

Why in the world would you trust neogaf about the quality of something?

A fun and spectacular shooter, but not a spectacularly good game.

edit: god => good XD

What? Like Populous?


What, what?

I think he’s wondering why you’d hope for that from something advertised as a pretty straightforward action game.

Are you wearing that same ole shabby dress?

I’d try a little tenderness.

Why do you need a reason to hope for something?

What he describes sounds like it could be awesome. Why anyone would have thought Lost Planet was going to be that game is mystifying.

For example, I hope BobJustBob will someday come to his senses, but if I want to be taken seriously around here, I don’t admit to anything that ridiculous.

I loved Lost Planet.

Gorgeous visuals, action-packed combat on-foot or on-mech, a little seat-of-your-pants strategy regarding heat management, plus some really cool boss monsters all combined into a game experience that I found much greater than the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, the last level turned into some kind of awful Zone of the Enders bullshit but don’t let that stop you. Lost Planet belongs in the same category of sleeper gems like Freedom Fighters and Psi-Ops.

I was disappointed with Lost Planet because I hoped that it would be a 4X tie-in to the hit film Point Break. Sadly, the 4X Point Break game I’d been craving was not the game that I got.

I was disappointed with Lost Planet because I was hoping it would be the spiritual successor to Privateer, and herald the return of the space sim (in addition to have on-foot 3rd person action as well as Mech combat). I was hoping the story would revolve around the discovery of a mysterious Lost Planet, which you could ignore, or explore at your leisure as you made your way in the universe as a pirate, mercenary, or as a soldier for the military, going from planetary system to planetary system, picking up oddjobs or just exploring.