Lotro Client Update: Liveblog

Ok I’ve got the client updating. The thing took 15 seconds to download a new version of the turbine_intro.bik file.

I’m sure this is going to be fun.

Ok I’m on the “Update Programs” step and the status says 27% (330/346)

What exactly is this supposed to mean?

Why is there a need to decrypt things? What’s encrypted? Does it need to be encrypted? Is it secret?

45% (332/346)

This is like some kind of twelve dimensional number space that I can’t fathom.

The percentage, I believe, is your progress on that particular file.

So 27% (330/346) is one quarter way done on the 330th file you need.

Also, the status of this liveblog event is:

4% (12-4i) {9,23,1993,4,A7}

Hrm…ok that makes sense actually.

i nominate this thread for the most pointless of the day award

I’m going to read some Lord of the Rings fanfiction while I wait.

I love fanfiction.

Ok now I’m on “Updating Game Data”

0% (219/16084)

They’re going to have to give me a free year at this rate.

It has now been 50 minutes since I started updating game data.

I’m now at 0% (4518/16084)

Seriously. There has to be a better way for them to push this data than 1 small file at a time like this.

I’ll be generous and call it 1% complete instead of 0% complete. That means that I’ll need 5000 minutes or 83 hours to finish this at the 150k/s it tells me I’l getting.

I know this is incorrect but why tell me information that is clearly fallacious?

It has now been almost three hours and I’m on 0% (12728/16083)

I have begun to gnaw at my keyboard.


That patcher’s really wonky. Last time I resubbed, it showed no progress on the percentage counter for the first six hours or so, but I left it on overnight, and it was done by the time I woke up. It’s the main reason I’ve only resubbed once.

Maybe if you people wouldn’t uninstall Lord of the Rings Online in the first place, you wouldn’t have to go through this. Did you ever think of that? Huh?



I didn’t uninstall it! I had to completely rebuild my system! It’s not my fault!


Well it’s done…four hours later. See you all in Middle Earthish!

What does this have to do with Warhammer?

At the rate the updater goes from a ‘fresh install’ off the original DVD, you’d have been much better off downloading the full client from them directly and just installing that.

I don’t really understand how you can design a patch system such that that is true. I believe you and have seen it, but do people plan these things out at all?