LOTRO epic quest support group

If you’re like me, your LOTRO quest log is gummed up with epic quests you really want to do, but you don’t want to spend your play time spamming the region channel with messages like “LFF 1.8.1” or “LFF 2.2.2”. For instance.

So post here if you’d like to set up some group sessions or even just pairs specifically to knock out some of these epic quests. I’d be happy to work my way backwards to help anyone. Delia is a level 54 – wait, scratch that, level 55 minstrel on Nimrodel. I’m specifically looking for company in Book I, starting at 1.8.1 (Carn Dum stuff). My schedule’s flexible and I’ll be playing quite a bit over the next few weeks.

Post here if you can help or if you need help. Let us know your server, where you are in the epic quest chains, and when you’re likely to be able to play.


Hey Tom, I was saw you on last night and figured you’d be wading through stuff. I’m currently pumping my alts up to 65, so if you need help give Wilbur (60), Eafe (65) or Mummy (60) a tell. I’m on during Australian time, so this offer is open to all nocturnal Americans as well.

I’m on 1.8.5 “Mordirith’s Fall” and 2.4.7 “The Drowned Treasury.” Having just updated everything for the new expansion I’m hoping I can get back into some questing soon.

Which server, CSL? And what part of the world, time zone-wise, are you in?


I’m a noob currently working on 1.1.12, so, yeah, I’ve got a ways to go. Any other newbies (noobies?) are welcome to join me most nights after 11PM PST. I’m in Seattle and work a swing shift, but I also have Fridays off, so any time Friday is good, too.

I suppose I could wake up for a late morning quest, but you’d better bring coffee.

Edit: I guess I should also say that I’m a 23rd level Guardian Hobbit named Meniscus on Nimrodel

I’m up for that. My 52-something Minstrel has all of the last chapter of Book 1 to do, but by the time I got there everyone was in Moria, and I lost interest. It’s been several months since I played, so I’d need the standard hour or so to remember what all of the buttons are for. Can’t play until Friday, though, but if you’re on, I’ll join up.

Deet - Minstrel
Datt - Burglar

Great idea, Tom.

I’m on Nimrodel, and Nairb – L61 Lore Master – is currently stuck on 1.14.12 and 2.8.6. I’m available most evenings after 9:00 EST when my house goes to sleep.

Cyllrial, level 65 Minstrel on Landroval. I’ve completed everything but the end of Volume II Book 9. I have alts who need the earlier books, but I’m willing to help anyone who needs them. I’m in the eastern time zone.

I’d love to finish anything past book 2 or so, and would be happy to help anyone else finish anything earlier.

I find myself mostly playing 52 Loremaster, 50 Minstrel, or 51 Hunter of late. Any time after 9pm est works.

I’m also stuck on the Carn Dum epic (I think I need to get the key). Charlewyn is my lvl 56 burglar on Nimrodel.

Hagall, level 63 Champion on Landroval. Really not caring much about the Epic party quests myself as they’re far too much of a pain to bother with much as this forum experiment proves. Very few can get through them because there aren’t many people doing them anymore.

That said, if you’re on Landroval and need a hand with anything let me know. Play times are after 8 PM EST on weeknights and variable on weekends all depending on my RL work schedule.

I have the Carn Dum key. I need to move forward from there.

Triggyrcut has become my main, soon-to-be 54 Lore-Master on Nimrodel. I’m going to be on Monday night around 9-9:30 EST until whenever. I’ll be on Tuesday night I think…and available/around Wednesday all day, all night.

Heck, if you’re reading this and it’s sunday, I’m on now.

Let’s get the band back together!

I need to get into Carn Dum myself. I will definitely be there to join you tomorrow night (Monday) with my 55 Minstrel at around 6-6:30PM PST.


I’ve managed to 3-man all of the bosses in Carn Dum with level 60 characters, so you don’t really need a full fellowship.

Tom, I’m on Nimrondel - same as you I believe as I had been in the clan. Am central time zone but don’t mind staying up later with you in Cali. Do have a fairly full work scheduale these next few weeks though which makes it so I’m only free on friday and Sunday nights reliably. Have this Tuesday off too.

I just resubbed but as my highest level guy is 26 I think I am far away from most of you! However I am keen to get Drakmori into the kinship, so if Tom is going to be on that would be great (Triggercut was very helpful but lacked the necessary authority )

And if any of you have lowbies I would be up for help with the early books. Australian time… as with Peter apparently.

I finally dinged 54 AND have a legendary weapon (take that, Tom!).

I’ll get to Carn Dum for tonight. You don’t need to be over 50 to help (and we could sure use an assist, especially from anyone who can actually, you know, do damage) but you do have to have finished book Vol. I, Book 6. Otherwise, we’ll have to broadcast for some help from the populace in general I’m afraid.

Although we didn’t much progress per se, that was great. A couple of things we discovered:

  • Triggercut’s cat or bear – Chloe and Stan, respectively – are no substitute for another player.

  • Although solo skirmishing works just fine, once you bump it up to “small fellowship”, it gets pretty super-crazy, even if you bump the level down a few notches. The two of us – a Minstrel and a Lore-Master – could barely make it past the first few waves, if even that. However, I can’t wait to try these with three or four folks. Such pure LOTRO awesomenessity.

  • What’s the deal with Carn Dum? Man, I really want to get in there, but I guess it’s one of those places like Nan Wethren or the Great Barrows where you shouldn’t even think about trying it with anything fewer than four dudes.

  • I’m really eager to get back into Moria, but there are too many different things I want to do! Stop adding content, Turbine, so some of us can freakin’ catch up already!


That was fun!

More things discovered:

  1. We probably needed to be on voice. Lore Masters are a CC class, and it’s tough to play with a CC class for either of us without voicechat going. “I’m mezzing the guy on the left” or “Rooting this group coming up the steps” helps keep CC from being accidentally broken.

  2. Chloe and Stan do fine to a point (especially Chloe; she kicks ass over the short term), but in a group where I’m having to watch all sorts of stuff it gets difficult to keep the pet alive, which is the weakness of the lynx. Stan (the bear) has a ton of HP and good defense…but his roar to draw aggro is on a 90-second timer, so grouped with a minstrel in full healing fury, he just couldn’t hold that aggro at all, not the way a Guardian can.

  3. Skirmishes are insanely fun. I just did one solo and had a blast with it.

Also, I got into Moria, got my second legendary (class item).

We need tanks! Will help anyone with leveling; also I think I can do just about any armor/tailoring/weaponsmithing that anyone needs.

There’s quite a discussion on the LoTRO forums, or was a week ago, about the need or desirability of a Duo setting for skirmishes. Many folks, including couples that game together, aren’t entirely happy with Small Fellowship for the reasons you guys note. The rebuttal is that you can lower the levels on Small Fellowship until they work.

Which you all tried to no avail.

When I see a thread that long, with that many different people posting into it, I suspect the correct response is “We’ll get on it!” and not try to explain to your customers how they can try to work around it.

That said, I’m still having fun with Skirmishes. Sadly, it’s mostly solo as I’m in a small and diffuse Kinship at the moment. Duoing would help a great deal as we’re often in a situation where two of us are up for Skirmish grouping while the others are doing other things or aren’t online.

The few Small and Full Fellowship Skirmishes I’ve done were a blast though. Hopefully I’ll get in more of those over time.

A key element in deciding what you can handle is, in addition to your own character’s built up traits and gear, which soldier you pick and how skilled up he is. This can make a big difference.

As a Champion I’ve found the Herbalist makes me much more effective than I would be otherwise. I can rage out in Fervour mode without getting creamed. Since they’re so good often players have them already so I’ve worked up two others to decent levels as alternative. A Warrior, doubling down on Champitude AoE DPS, who works very well and a Bannerman for tanking and buffs. The Bannerman isn’t great yet but I suspect once I get some of his unique and special skills he’ll be a handy utility to have around.

I’ve also experimented with the Sage but come to the conclusion there just isn’t a great synergy between his Tactical and element attacks and the physical damage and armor reduction skill of my Champion. He might be very deadly after building him up as his attacks can do specialized damage against things few mobs resist well but building him up to that point would be too expensive for me.