LOTRO epic quest support group

I believe my old Monday PST character is around 50. I realized after reading Tom’s post about CD that she should be plenty high to help with that area given the level cap was 50 when Angmar was designed. I think the last book I completed was the one that gets passage past the killing statues for access to eastern Angmar. I don’t remember the number of that book. I also have a QT3 captain who is maybe in the mid-to-high 20’s who can join for other books.

I will log on tonight and Friday to check kin activity around 5:30 PST. I can meet earlier on Sat and Sun if that is preferable for any of you.

Sounds to me like this could be a fun reunion over the next few days!


I can probably help whoever with my 60 LM or lower level alts over the weekend at EST times.

I will be on… in my weird Australian times anyway! If there is any interest in lowbie fellowship shenanigans that would be cool.

CSL and I talked about some Friday latenight skirmishing, and the more the merrier. Sadly, I’ll be working until nearly 10 est tonight (I may be able to skedaddle a little early since the entire DC metro area is in full bread/milk/toilet paper panic), so it could be between 11 and 11:30 pm before I’m on.

If you want to join us, don’t be a dope like me. Do the preliminary skirmish quest and tutorial missions.

I can also log in on a 31 minstrel to join Drakmori for fellowing goodness.

I checked the status of my two characters last night. I can help those of you who wanted to do Book 8 (or to go to CD for class quests). My old 49 Monday character’s log indicates (I think) that I have completed Book 7 and will now be sent west from GF to talk to an NPC about going into CD. Can anyone who initiated the talk of Book 8/CD suggest times for Sat/Sun to faciliate meeting up with each other? I will also be on tonight around 5:30 PST (which is now 6:30 my time since I am not on DST).

My other character is on Book 3 so I can also help those who mentioned that. I am on the Book 3 quest given by Mincham to kill orcs at the Gates of Fornost.

Now all I need to do is remember how to play my classes!


I’ll be out most of the rest of the day, but I’ll definitely be on tonight after about 8pm or so California time. I aim to skirmish and/or do Volume I, Book 8 and/or help someone else who needs help.


I’ll also be on ~8pm PST.

It’s 9:45 EST, and Nairb (63 LM) is awakening from his slumber, answering the call of all and sundry throughout Middle-Earth!

Just got home a bit ago and logged in.

That was such a great time, guys! It’s nice to be making progress on the epic storyline again.

I hope to be around some tomorrow afternoon, and then again on Sunday.


I’ve started an alt on Nimrodel. He’s not even level 10 yet. Look for a Captain named Hawthorne.

Hail to the King baby!

That was a good run last night.

I just logged in and did the solo parts of the next book that follow what we finished last night–you know, the stuff CSL inadvertently “spoiled” (it really isn’t all that spoilery, to be truthful, just funny to see Tom’s spoiler-aversion mechanism kick in!)

I thought it was a fun outing too, especially the epic battle with Mr. M. We had a good group and did pretty well for the first time together I think I did blow an opportunity to complete my earlier Book 7 step at the end of the night, though. I probably passed Raghnall, who I was supposed to talk with, while we made our way to the summoning horn? I hope I can catch up with you folks again for another session. Are there any likely times yet for you three (Tim, Charles, or Trigger)?


Here’s my normal play schedule:
M-W-F 8-10 PM
Weekends 2-5 PM
Pacific times

I mostly solo so feel free to ping me for anything.


Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get a kinship invite? I just resubbed for at least a month to play with the (super cool) skirmish system, and my current kinship is completely dead. I tried using /who, but even after changing the level range and whatnot, I can never be sure if it’s working, the stupid buggy thing.

EDIT – Character name is Skorin.

Yes, if you leave your current kinship. I’m on now for a while. /tell Valtheria or Peixia for an invite.

I think the best way to find people in our kinship is to click the Social icon and in the “Filter” field type Quarter to Three. You will be returned a list of all logged on members in all areas.


Arctangent is fast. Got Skorin into the kinship right as he logged in.