LOTRO to relaunch as free to play?


Yay! So glad to hear they took care of you!


Welcome back to the many.


I actually returned to the game this past weekend after a bit of time off to avoid or recover from burnout (not sure which), and had a phenomenal time. Hit level 32 doing stuff around Evendim, which was a blast. Man this is a great game.

I also am constantly shocked as to how gorgeous this game is.


That is a great shot. You should post it to (strikethrough Turbines) Standing Stones FB. :)


Great idea, done. Thanks!


Welp, Mordor has been announced:


Not sure why it’s a Turbine page, but:

Standard Edition - $39.99
Collector’s Edition (with a high-elf race) - $79.99
Ultimate Fan Bundle - $129.99



Not having the new race available to all seems… odd. Especially with the insane prices on the other editions. Granted, you’ll be able to buy the elf race later with 1000 points or whatever, but…


Buying the $40 base edition of the expansion doesn’t get you the new race?


Good luck with that.


Crazy pricing for a 10yo game.


I’d actually spring for the $80 version if I didn’t have a wedding less than a week after the release date.


Anyone know if this is free for Lifetimers/ subscribers, like the rest of the content?


I feel like I could buy the base expansion and wait for a Point sale to get the race from the store. We all know everything will be for sale in the store like all the previous xpansions.


IT is not. Were the previous big expansions free? I read that they weren’t.


Yeah - Im a lifetimer, and got all the other expansions for free, but I did think that maybe this new company needed some cash injection. Which is fair enough - I’ve more than gotten my lifetimesubscriptions worth of money already.


They were only ‘free’ if you used your points every month to buy them. Lifetime is just a permanent VIP account.

Also I still refuse to play ever again since they ‘lost’ all my characters during their server merges. Still salty.


Then something went wrong, because Im pretty sure I never purchased any expansions, but I do have all the content?

I guess I could have and just forgot it - its been quite a few years.


You might have all the free patch content, but not the actual expansions. I dunno what your level is but if you can’t get a Rohan horse or can’t get into Epic Battles in Helm’s Deep, you’re expansion-less. You can still go to all those places, though. I think.


I just checked my account, and I have all expansions - I probably did purchase them with my points then. Those racked up quite a bit, since 2011!


Yeah, I don’t think Lifetime included the bigguns like Mines of Moria or Rohan. It certainly doesn’t include Mordor, unfortunately.


Haha! Screw you SSG.
Seriously. Lifetime subscriptions were $200 way back when the game was new. $90 above the base package for some cosmetics and a few extra items easily obtainable in game, and all you offer above that is a single $10 month of VIP? Also, where are the LOTRO Points on each tier? The $40 edition should come with 500 at least, the $80 edition should have 1000, and the $130 rip-off box should have 1500 LOTRO points at least. Previous expansions often came with TP attached so players could take advantage of new stuff available in the store right away, or save it up for the next update zone.

This is insane pricing meant to take advantage of loyal players who have nothing else left to do in game but advance to Mordor. Thanks for playing for 10 years, now pay up! It makes me glad my characters are nowhere near the level cap. I bet by Christmas the base package is on sale for $19.99, and you can buy everything else through the LOTRO store using points.

Here’s an idea. Charge $200 for the tier that is currently $130. Have it come with everything it comes with now, only ALSO have it resurrect the Lifetime Subscription. Right now, today, I would pay them $200 if it meant I could get Mordor and Lifetime VIP. Make it a limited time deal, expires December 31st, 2017. I bet they would make more money that way. Every current F2P player who regrets not having sprung for Lifetime way back would jump on that deal.