Low Magic Age - ToME-like visuals in a D&D wrapper!

So I’ve found several chests (some locked) and backpacks on my adventures. The locked chests are good for improving your Open Locks skill, and both chests and packs always seem to contain some loot. However once emptied out they remain in your inventory, but don’t seem to be able to be used as containers anymore? Do I just sell them next time I am in town? I guess it’s handy to leave the loot inside them until you get to town, as it takes up less inventory space that way.

I just sell them.

I just curb stomped by a pack of stone golems - super rough. Need to figure out a better to way to tank them.

Oh wow this is fun. Last played in simple arena mode. Adventure Mode is good fun. I just lost a quick 3 hours getting my party of 6 to 3rd level:

Dwarf Defensive Warrior
Elven Archer
Gnome Controller / Caster
Half Orc Barbarian
Halfling Rogue
Human Cleric

… which was pretty close to my regular D&D group in the 90s. Neat!

Grabbed this the other day and have really enjoyed it. It’s simple enough for this old AD&D 1st Edition dude to get into and enjoy without thinking too hard. I’m just wandering around and hitting a few dungeons and wandering monsters and doing my thing.

I picked up the Disable Device skill for my rogue (and apparently mage) , but the ‘pick lock’ skill is found in some town or something somewhere which I haven’t found yet even though I have a few lock picks I’ve found/purchased. This is kind of annoying when I have to leave chests unopened due to the inability to even attempt to pick the lock.

Open Lock can be trained in large cities like the capital city of a region. Grab a delivery quest from each decent-sized city you come across and eventually it will lead you to a capital.

I thought I’d checked at least one capital city (one with a shield thing on it) for it, but I’ll check again.

Keep following the main quest. After you complete the large “kill lots of stuff to get your faction up” quest, then the next quest will send you far west. That is where I got the pick locks skills.

50% off on Steam until March 12.

I picked it up for five bucks. I’ll try to play a little today and let you know what I think.

One of my guys has the skill icon on his portrait thumbnail (juggler with colored balls), but I can’t figure out why. What does it mean? He hasn’t leveled that I can tell and have skill points to spend or anything.

Also note that the devs have announced that the price is going up to $15 after this sale concludes and that this will the last chance to get it for $5.

Think that means he’s one of your custom guys and when he levels up you get to choose feats and skills for him. The pre-generated chars automatically pick these for you.

The fact that your rogues have to learn rogue skills pisses me off. And even once they have them they still fail 10+ times in a row to disarm a trap and die. Which is essentially permanent. No death’s door rules here.

Fuck this game.

How deep is the combat system? And what’s the level cap? I can’t find any real reviews.

He’s someone I hired. I don’t see anything about improving skills. It’s quite confusing and there is not a tool tip.

Can’t tell you how deep it gets, but it is pretty light so far. Standard stuff so far. I Believe the tutorial said there is no level cap.

Reviews? Where we’re going, we don’t need reviews.

Fair enough, but I’m not going to play it until it’s done, so I’ll wait to buy it until it’s done. It’s up to them to make sure that when it’s ready, it’ll be enticing enough to get whatever they end up deciding to charge for the real game. I don’t buy demos.

At least they put the “Early Access” label back on the game. Weird how it fell off.

It’s about as deep as an OGL d20 system from the 3.5 days. I would say not as deep as TOEE, but it’s close. Charging, delaying, 5-foot steps are all in the engine.

I didn’t get far enough to see a lot of variety in the monsters, so I don’t know if the mid level battles use more magic. It takes a while to even get your thief skills. :-)

The ninth grader in me searches for a funny line but thankfully I’m so much more mature than that.

I had the same thing happen. That symbol means he has unassigned skills. On the screen with the skills button, click it and then you will see ‘+’ icons next to all the skills you can assign points to. Click to add them.

So what’s the verdict on this? I suppose for 5 bucks I may as well give it a go but the thief skills thing does have me a bit worried that this game might just trigger my inner game designer and be like “WHY WOULD YOU PUT IN SKILL CHECKS BEFORE YOU CAN POSSIBLY LEARN THE SKILLS?!?!”. My inner game designer is really annoying, turns out.