LUCAS ARTS Dos games in Win 98

Can anyone help me run the Dig, et al. on my 98 machine? The Dig runs, but has no sound. Has anyone successfully done this?

What ends up being the problem with older games under 98 is that you need to do the sound setup utility. look under your computer settings for the irq, dma and all that jazz and then set those in the setup program for the games sound.

You might want to head over to

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everybody who asks this question. Go out right now, either to eBay or elsewhere, and buy yourself an ancient DOS computer with VGA graphics, a 30 meg hard drive, and a SoundBlaster.

Play the game on that. You’ll be happy you did.


If it’s running fine except for sound, you might want to check out VDMS:

It has been effective for me in emulating old sound cards automatically through windows; it embeds in the right click for programs so you can select “run with VDMS” on old DOS programs, exe’s and com’s and such.

and FYI, pocketscumm will let you play many of them on a pocketpc! The interface actually works well for a pda too.