Mac OS X Boiler Plate Special


Are you a weasel?

With Rich Carlson’s Mac OS X Boiler Plate CDROM program, I lost 12 lbs in two weeks and my abs look fantastic!! Thank you, Rich Carlson!!!

I had to read it 3 times before it finally said “Dr. Blobs OrgANISm” like it’s supposed to.

Oh yes, Mr Carlson… please asphyxiate yourself with your own vomit in some back alley, m’kay?

Have any of you guys ever played a Digital Eel game?

No, but we are familiar with the rules of the forum, which prohibit pimping your own site or products without explicit permission from Mark or Tom. Did you ask their permission? And either way, frankly, a post saying “HEY, WE’VE GOT GAMES, WHY DON’T YOU BUY THEM,” is in poor taste and incredibly fucking obnoxious.

In all fairness, Tom and Mark should bill Mr. Carlson the usual impressions and click-through rate fees that they use for the banner ads at the top of the screen.

So, Mr. Carlson, you owe QT3 about $0.16.

And they should at least double that rate for replies, but those eyeballls are sure to have seen the ad.

You are a dirty whore.

Mac OS X Boiler Plate Special
(And a great deal for PC gamers too!)

Piping hot from the Mystery Kitchen, Cheapass Games is serving up the Mac OS X Boiler Plate Special, a zesty new game collection which features Digital Eel’s Big Box of Blox, Dr. Blob’s Organism and Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, together on one CDROM for a special low price! Whether you crave puzzles, action, adventure or strategy, Cheapass Games’ Mac OS X Boiler Plate Special is a combination platter to satisfy every Mac gamer’s appetite!

The Mac OS X Boiler Plate Special CDROM is jam-packed with extra goodies, including eye-popping desktop art, the first official Digital Eel music collection, free demos of every game and god knows what else we put on there. You get all of this great stuff, and three award winning Mac OS X games, for only $25!

Hey, that means you get one game free!

PC gamers, you get a deal too: all three CD’s, Digital Eel’s Big Box of Blox, Dr. Blob’s Organism and Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, with extra free goodies, for the same ridiculously low price!

Until our accountants come to their senses, this is your opportunity to get this milestone Mac CDROM release (or three PC CDROM’s) and ONLY from Cheapass Games. The Boiler Plate Special is one heck of a deal, so use the link below to get it now!

Does that make it legal guys? I’m not pimping my own stuff.
Support your indy game designers!
Personally, I wish more indy’s would post places, since the gaming press ignores that whole side of the biz. Any way these starving designers can get the word out is fine by me.

Ack. Sorry, I wasn’t aware of said house rules. I’ll respect that in the future.

FYI: Digital Eel is three guys (Bill, Iikka and myself). We make weird little games in our spare time because working on commercial projects year after year can get to be a drag. We also just like working with each other. It’s sort of like a band or something, and it’s really informal.

Anyway, my intent here certainly wasn’t to make anyone mad. I just wanted to share the fun of a new release. You know, you get all excited and you want to hand out cigars and stuff.

Thanks for your comments and advice.

To be fair it was a while since Tom&Mark had their “No Pimping” post up, so it’s possible Rich has honestly never seen it. Even so, asking permission would have been the sensible thing to do.

Maybe the Entity should sticky a general forum rules post again, so that new people will know the ground rules.


What made it so ironic is that you posted that hot on the heels of this:


Now I get the Weasel ref. Ty, IXAszurom.