macOS Big Sur

This may be covered in one or more of the Apple Event threads where most Apple/Mac news and discussion ends up, but for the sake of finding quickly thought I’d make a thread.

I haven’t taken the plunge yet so kicking this off with a question, are there any big “gotchas”, drawbacks, or reasons to hold off on upgrading to Big Sur so far? Any new restrictive policies that break cool stuff? Anyone upgraded and wish they didn’t?

I was hesitant, but all the reports I read up to this week were that it was fine, so I installed it. It’s ok. Haven’t seen any major bugs. Looks very different and there are some questionable design decisions. No issues though.

What is “Big Sur” supposed to be? I have seen it mentioned a few times and at first I thought it was a college football thing?

It is a location in California. I checked because I had in mind the exact same question. The last version is Catalina, which is another location in California, and so on.

Yeah Apple switched a few years back from naming their Mac OS versions after wild cats to naming them after places in California, some of which I’ve heard of (Yosemite), some of which are news to me when Apple makes their announcement.

Big Sur is the latest and I know it came with some more significant UI design changes. It’s what the new Apple-silicon Macs run, but it obviously supports the existing Intel lineup too.

Oh, okay, that makes sense! Thanks! I guess I didn’t realize they stopped naming them after big cat breeds, I wonder if they ran out - there are only so many big cat types, I suppose.

I would look at every non-standard/complicated app you use regularly and Google to see what people are saying about it and Big Sur. There are surprises.

But that’s what I’ve got everyone here for!

It’s fine. I don’t love some of the interface changes for sure, but it didn’t break anything important for me.


I had a couple of apps that had no mention of Big Sur on their web pages. They still worked. Before release, I also had a couple that stressed they were not Big Sur ready. And then there are a couple that want money for the upgrade (which is fair).

Not going to update my laptop because I don’t want to lose the ability to run 32 bits games

Apple - I can’t play Among Us on mac- fix this!

i dunno — give us a headless iOS emulator that can run iOS apps nativelly in the desktop

You’re joking right?

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I think @LeeAbe is asking because it exists. You just need to run Big Sur on an M1 chip. And iOS developers need to allow it. Most apparently are not, at least right now.

Apple actually showed the iPad app of Among Us running on a M1 Mac in the presentation.

Granted, I shouldn’t expect that everyone who owns a Mac follows Apple news and knows what coming. And it won’t help @Teiman with his current computer. But, Apple did do something.

oh :-O


Okay, question here that may not be specific to Big Sur, but that’s what I’m running now. I’ve never really used more than one user account on a Mac before, but my wife is slowly getting more comfortable with the Mac.

Logged into the Mac with her account, there’s a notification from the App Store that there are updates available for a couple apps, specifically Apple’s Keynote, and 1Blocker, my ad blocker of choice. When trying to update them while logged in as her it asks for the admin password (my account).

These were “bought” on my iTunes Store account, and my wife hasn’t yet logged into the Mac with her Apple ID at all (for messages or iTunes or anything).

It seems weird to me that from her account, the Mac sees these applications, but apparently doesn’t update them for her when I update them while logged in on my account. Shouldn’t it be one or the other?

It’s a minor thing, but I just don’t fully understand how installed applications do/don’t work between accounts on one device.

Are the accounts in the same family group & what account did you originally login & “buy” the apps with? IMO you SHOULD preferentially update / manage them from that original account.

Having said all that: It’s possible that the app store didn’t check for updates lately until you logged in as her & that’s why showing up. I’d login as yourself and refresh the store & update in any case.


My wife and I are in a family group, but App sharing is turned off.

We only started the family sharing last week, and there was a brief period where app sharing was on when I set it up from my phone, but at least on the phones that didn’t automatically share anything with my wife, she would’ve had to go through the App Store and see what showed up as “purchased” and manually download anything that she had access to via that sharing, and she didn’t use the laptop at all during the hour or so that we tinkered with the family sharing setup options on my phone.

I can confirm that on the Mac, 1Blocker and Keynote are both up to date on my account but still showing the notification on hers. Weird. Guess I will just authenticate to allow the all store to update them on her side too. I think that’s all the App Store wanted me to do, and that it wouldn’t keep me logged in with my ID on the App Store going forward with her account on the Mac. Not that she’d be likely to want to install anything anyway.