Madame Web - The other spider woman

February 14, 2024

Directed by SJ Clarkson (The Defenders)

I feel like they tried to explain every possible plot point, and I’m still confused as to why Spiderman is a Middle Eastern bad guy?

Curse your question for making me do a deep dive into Marvel arcana. I didn’t even know that the SSMMU (Sony’s Spider-Man Marvel Universe) was different than the MCU, nor did I really want to. So, according to, like, wikipedia the antagonist here is Zeke Sims, who actually appeared in Across the Spiderverse. The actor who plays him, Tahir Rahim, is French.

So her “web” is social, not physical? I really like that approach, if so.

The concept is interesting, but I’m not entirely sure about the execution. This will probably be on HBO Max before long, so I guess I can wait until then. ;)

Me to Ant-Man Quantumania, after watching this trailer

I just don’t understand why Sony thinks anyone really should care about their version of the MCU which only includes C-list Spider-Men and Spider-Men villains without including the actual Spider-Man. I haven’t even been able to get my kids to consider watching Venom, and that is at least a villain they know from previous movies.

The crazy thing is that they’ve already figured out how to have a Spiderman existing in parallel with the MCU version in a much better way… and yet this and Kraven is the best they can come up with for live-action.

I don’t understand why they don’t just embrace the Spider-Verse and just run with it - unless their deal with Marvel forbids them from having separate Spider-Men. Bring some of the alternate Spider-Men to life to fight the villains, give Andrew Garfield another movie (seems popular enough to deserve it), and then draw them all together in cross-verse hijinks. Pretty sure that would be a lot more likely to be successful than this stuff.

I don’t know if their contract forbids it, but I can imagine Sony doesn’t want to piss off Marvel at this point since their cooperation has enabled them to actually make good and highly profitable Spider-Man movies that depend on the MCU link. Running with their own separate live-action Spider-Man now would probably get Disney in a tizzy and would make negotiations difficult.

It’s funny, I’ve heard of people saying things, and I’ve heard of actors reading lines that makes them pretend to be characters that, in the roles of people, say things, but I don’t believe that the actresses in that trailer have ever heard people saying things. I guess they think that reading lines makes their characters sound tired?

I would have thought the same after Endgame, but Sony still went ahead and quarrelled with Disney for months.

I’ll be the stick in the mud here and say that I’m looking forward to to this film and it looks fun to me.

To your first question, I guess if Sony could’ve handled the actual A-list Spider-Man better for more than two films, they wouldn’t be limited to making movies in the Spider-Man-Acquaintance-Verse in the first place. Even now, a good studio could’ve made any of these films work, and there are flashes of that potential in Venom, but it seems Sony is just institutionally mediocre at managing a live-action superhero franchise.

Sony seems to handle this stuff the way it was done before Marvel did it themselves. Take the broadest stroke from the comics (the character and a tiny bit of their plotting backstory) and ignore everything else from the comics and make it all up as you go along. I imagine they probably take screenplays that aren’t even meant for these characters and retrofit them into these films.

If you want to go back to the way it was before the MCU, keep supporting crappy Sony Spider Spin-offs.

The Avi Arad touch!

This is going to hit theaters while John Cena vs Wile E. Coyote was canned. There is no god.

This will probably be on HBO Max before long, so I guess I can wait until then

Sony has a deal with Netflix, so it will probably go their first.