Magic Online: Server down and quite possibly a new FREE beta

I mentioned this in another Magic related thread, but thougth I’d restate it so everyone with potential interest might get it.

Just as I was getting into Magic Online, which I haven’t played since the beta, with some league play they decided that the new 2.0 version was just too unstable and shut down the server.

The good news is that they plan a new FREE beta. If it will be open for everyone I just don’t know, but we can hope.

Here is the official word from Wizards.


I’ve had pretty good luck with 2.0, but it was going down a lot over the past couple of days.

Word on the street is that the beta may involve free Limited events. If that proves to be true, it’s an excellent time to try doing an 8-man draft if you never have before. It’s my favorite way to play the game, personally.

Anyone who created an account on Tuesday or later, will not be part of the Beta.

“Second, new accounts created on or later than Tuesday, August 19, 2003 won?t work on the beta server. We?ll only be able to change this if we use the beta server again at a later date, but won?t change this during this period of testing.”

(Who downloaded the client yesterday, but hadn’t signed up yet)

I went ahead and decided to give MTGO a try for one month with a league since people here and at GG were being mostly positive. Well on Tues the league “disappeared”. Don’t know how just one league gets deleted but it did. It wasn’t just me as the boards had others talking about it. I guess it was just that one. I have sent in a e-mail form for a refund so have to see what happens.