Magister Mundi Tyjenanus

Hey, I thought I was supposed to get the Tyjenks tag line when I hit 3k posts. What the heck is giong on here. I have been cheated! I want my money back!

I believe that’s actually 5,000. Keep on postin’!

Holy moly! I need 2k more posts just to get Tyjenkus? I am going to have to hire someone to post for me.

I’m phoning in all my P&R posts through an Indian contractor. It frees up lots of time, I heartily recommend it.


I think the title in my honor was eliminated after Jason splooged all over the board and vaulted ahead of me. So now all you have to look forward to is Magister Mundi McCunnilingus.

Someone, please, bring a badge to the E3 meet identifying yourself as that.