Magnum P.I. - Grammatically Less Accurate Than the Original


I never watched the original growing up, though I’m sure I caught it from time to time what with only having the 2 or so channels that came in worth a damn, but I love Tom Selleck and found the show later on a streaming service, and watched some random episodes and liked it quite a lot.

The trailer for this one seemed pretty appealing, and with Lethal Weapon’s woes and abysmal trailer that came out for season 3, I figured this would slot nicely in the vacancy that show leaves behind.

I watched the pilot last night and really enjoyed it - it’s not going to win any awards, but I found the characters immediately likable, and the action was fantastic. Did anyone else check this out yet?


DVR’ed and I agree, with Lethal Weapon pretty much on the way out, this will be my new go to action show.


I didn’t even know there was a new one. The original one was pretty good.


Based only on watching the extended, 5-minute trailers of new shows, a test group we did back in July for a TV partner rated Magnum as their favorite, along with a new hospital show called New Amsterdam.


I finally got to watch the new Magnum PI, which I recorded last week. Quite the bizarre decision, in a show that goes out of its way to be true to the original, to make Higgins a female martial artist and ex Spy. I can’t decide if it’s clever or stupid. I will probably watch a couple more,before I decide if I will keep watching, the producer did the Hawaii 50 reboot, which I enjoy.I’m sure we will see a McGarrett crossover soon. Now, I need to figure out where I’ve seen the star before, can’t quite place him.


Not to be the diversity police and all, and yeah the guy playing Magnum is Latino, but it seems to me that a cop show set in Honolulu is a really good opportunity to cast an Asian-American lead.

Oh well.


Figured it out, he played Miller’s sidekick in The Expanse, which I watched this summer.


In a world where a black guy is cast as a Norse God, no casting decision can be considered unusual.


Episode #2 was far less Michael Bay and far more reminiscent of the original Magnum P.I… You had the “helping a fellow vet in trouble” angle, that included something unexpected and comical (the giant fish), which led into the “helping a guy and his family in trouble” angle, which in turn ended up leading Magnum into something far greater (and less comical) where he once again has to rely on assistance from his pals to pull everything together and save the day. This time without any explosions or totaling a single Ferrari.

I have to admit, I didn’t think I would like this show…but I do. I like the way they’ve seamlessly picked up the brotherhood of Magnum, Rick and T.C. from the old show and are slowly working on portraying Higgins as less of a comedic foil and more of a strong character who assists in her own capable way. I remember in later seasons of the original show when the original Higgins character had a less hostile relationship with Magnum and drew upon his own experiences and unique talents to assist the group in many episodes. I like that they’re going there early in this reboot version.

The crossover stuff with Hawaii 5-0 characters is getting a little silly though. It’s far too obvious that they’re setting up a plotline crossover at some point, maybe the season finale of both shows.


Since I stopped watching H5O pretty early on, the only character I noticed was Kamekona. Was there another one?


Oh boy, is it time for the Hawaii Cop Extended Cinematic Universe? How do we get Jake and the Fat Man in there?


Kamekona was in this episode, and Dr. Cunha, the medical examiner, was in the pilot. I figure we’ll see Sgt. Duke next, maybe a couple of other minor characters, and then it’ll be crossover episodes time. :eyeroll:




Looks like its pretty certain…

> ‘Magnum P.I.’ will do a crossover episode with ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ producer promises


So these were piling up on the dvr, and now 2 episodes in I am hooked. :D

And the actress who plays Higgins was on Penny Dreadful!


Putzing along with the season, just past episode 12, so far this is becoming my favorite new show of 2018.


I ended up really enjoying it myself, and am sad it’s over. Hopefully it gets renewed.


Already has been. Your wish is granted!




I liked it much more than I expected to. Like their Hawaii 5-0 reboot, it’s much more of an ensemble than the original. While I originally hated the idea of a female Higgins, she has won me over…