Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


I mean, they did vote for Brownback, even after the cuts.


I suppose it’s possible that they’re completely ignorant of the agenda of the people and party they tend to vote for, but I’ve honestly never met anyone like that. I mean, if you ask a Republican voter why they vote for Republicans, you’re going to get some answer, even if it’s only ‘I want to stick it to the dirty hippies.’ And the answer is usually a form of political cruelty.


Well, Democrats do want to take away your Medicare and use it to fund socialism. Presumably in the form of free healthcare for everyone or something. So there’s that.


I still stick to the belief that many who voted for the shitgibbon did it for 3 basic reasons. (1) They vote republican no matter what. (2) They hated Hillary more than they feared Trump. (3) They actually were crazy enough to believe the things Trump told them.

Many of those in groups 1 and 2 are one/two issue voters. NRA and Abortion. Those issues outweigh everything else.


Which is ironic, because I feel Trump voters are the best argument we’ve ever had for keeping abortion legal.


You are what you do. Steve Bannon is a racist fuck and represents bad things. It does not matter if he really believes in them at the level Steve Miller seems to or not. The policies they espouse and push through follow those racist beliefs.


Yeah, like I said, I actually think it’s worse. At least with people like David Duke, they say exactly what they mean, and you know where you stand. The ones that use the bigotry and hatred as a political tool are much more insidious, and maybe even more evil.



Gonna be a shame if these treasonous hacks all die.


“Questionable fundraising.”

Republicans: Money is free speech!
Also Republicans: Raising money to oppose me is bribery!


Yeah, I can’t grasp this bribery argument about the funding campaign against Susan Collins. If saying you’ll give money to her primary opponent if Collins votes to confirm Kavanaugh is bribery because she can save primary spending money by voting against him, then saying you will run against her in a primary if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh is bribery for the exact same reason. And that kind of political threat is routine, it’s the reason all the Republicans are controlled by the tea party / Trump voters. I can’t see why anyone takes that argument seriously. Collins says three lawyers have told her it’s a bribe, which makes me think she needs better lawyers.


I mean, it sure sounds like a bribe to me. As does nearly all campaign contributions and lobbying. So how about we get rid of all that and instead just grant each candidate n dollars to run a campaign with? ;)


FWIW, the crowdfunding has been done by some 40,000 people contributing $20.20 each. Grassroots funding IMO at least is how a democracy should work, not millions given by billionaires.

What makes this worse is the way it’s being reported by NBC.


Yes, it is literally the opposite of a campaign contribution to Collins in the conventional sense. If it is a bribe, then everything in politics is a bribe.




Short Twitter thread explains why Republicans can keep getting away with the shit they get away with.



The only reason to ever watch CNN in three words: Brooke Baldwin’s Cheekbones