Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


No room for voices critical of Trump in the Republican party.


Ross Douthat’s NYT editorial today might be the most mainstream White Supremacist opinion piece I’ve seen in a while.


You’re not kidding.

Put simply, Americans miss Bush because we miss the WASPs — because we feel, at some level, that their more meritocratic and diverse and secular successors rule us neither as wisely nor as well.


Halfway through that I finally had to look up what WASP meant. I kept thinking that he was going to tell us, but he never does. (White Anglo Saxon Protestant). It certainly colors the article differently once you know what WASP means. From reading it, I just figured he meant the greatest generation or something.


… Yes, it’s such a shame that patrician WASPs like Bush Sr. are no longer in power. Instead now our country is controlled by someone completely different - a wealthy White Anglo-Saxon (well, Saxon) Protestant who grew up firmly part of the Northeast establishment and who went to an Ivy League school. Oh, why couldn’t we have stuck to the old ways and the pure stock!

(Or, maybe, just maybe, horrible people suck, regardless of their genes or where they went to school. )

Meanwhile, Douthat ignores that the fact most of the actual patrician WASPs of the greatest generation that he venerates would have regarded him as a grubby little upstart purely because he’s a Catholic. (Source: am descended from WASPs, saw this attitude all the time in WASPs of my grandparents’ generation.)

There are two meanings to WASP. One is the literal one, anyone who is a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Under this definition, Elvis Presley was a WASP, and the average WASP is a truck driver living somewhere in the south making sixty grand a year.

This is not how the term is usually used, though. When it was popular (say, the 1950s through 70s) it was almost invariably used to mean a rich, establishment White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. A WASP by that definition grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth, went to the right schools, knew all the right people, and had easy access to the levers of power because they and theirs controlled all the levers - like the Bush family. This is the sense Douthat means.


He actually said something about how the Jews and Catholics learned all the great things from the WASPS so they are now great. I assume he continues on the point saying how the other minorities could eventually do so if white enough. I did not want to continue reading. Articles need a ‘fuck you’ button.


This. I got the article sent to me by my (Jewish) son earlier today, and I’ve been pissed off since.


Another NYT story on Wisconsin. I’m pretty sure the NYT’s next headline about this will be ALL BOW DOWN TO THE GOP’S MASSIVE STRENGTH.


Aside from all the other obvious ways in which that headline is horrible, what the hell kind of visual imagery is “stand like bedrock” supposed to be anyway? It’s a simile in which the vertical is like the horizontal? Is this some weirdly written version of the “loss” meme?


You’re right, by the book, bedrock doesn’t stand. It lies. Which fits the Republicans.

Today the NYT’s headline writer tries a different tack, perhaps sensing they overstepped with all the drooling over the GOP’s massive muscles in the last two headlines. Today the GOP is all about authenticity, man.

(The first paragraph of the article starts out strong, accurately implying that depicting rural voters as more “real” than urban ones is bullshit framing intentionally pushed by racists to further their agenda. But given the Grey Lady’s insistence on decorum and equal time above anything else, it gets all mealy-mouthed and bothsidesish after that.)


I like to think that bedrock is usually covered by many feet of dirt. So they are essentially buried.


Barney and Fred are happy with Bedrock.


Apparently someone threatened a bomb at CNN just now.


Trump is inciting violence on Twitter. The fact that they haven’t deleted his account is unforgivable.


When you’re the president, they just let you.



Nothing to do with Trump, but…


Couldn’t have happened to any bigger assholes. Press “F” for respect.


Wouldn’t that be < Armando> Press “F” to shit on their graves? < /Armando>


Cheering the demise of the one conservative voice which consistently stood up to Trump, and which is being shut down specially to silence that voice.

Seems… Misguided. At least at this particular point in history.