Make Games Scare Again: ghosts of games past

In October, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone’s “best horror games of all time” list. So that’s not this. Instead, this week we’re running a list of recommendations for recent horror games we really like and think you should play, but might have skipped or even not thought of them as horror. If you can come up with a snappy way to stick that at the top of a list, let us know. In the meantime, we’ll roll out two a day. Today we recommend a couple of games for how they put us in mind of older games.

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Yay Archimedean Dynasty!

I remember that moment in Archimedean Dynasty. Now you’re making me wish I’d picked up Soma as part of the Humble Monthly bundle a month ago.

@triggercut, that is such a great screenshot for Goetia.

“Can’t swing a dead cat”

I take terrible offense. How could you guys?

I am super phobic of things lurking under the water so I couldn’t bring myself to actually play Soma, but I watched an excellent LP of it by davidspackage of the Something Awful Let’s Play subforum and it’s quite interesting. (I also own it as part of a Humble Monthly bundle, never fear.)

The underwater colossus in Shadow of the Colossus was an unexpected moment of fear for me for similar reasons.

Credit to Tom for that.

Blame Tom for that. :D

Poor Gabriel Knight 3, pilloried for decades on end.

Tom’s comment about eschatology in Soma made me think about Dante and Divine Comedy. If BioShock 2 is the videogame version of Rosemary’s Baby, Soma is the videogame version of Dante’s Inferno. A journey from one horrific or unpleasant image to another, with Beatrice/Catherine as the guide.