Malwarebytes uninstalled - and I didn't do it?

I just realized that Malwarebytes is no longer running on my laptop (I have a lifetime premium license.) Not only that but it is no longer on my laptop. I absolutely did NOT uninstall it.

Surely there’s no Windows update that would have removed Malwarebytes from my system???

I’ve had a few programs mysteriously disappear in my Win10 install over the last 18 months.

Known bug, identified in September. The fix, so far as I know, is to install it again. How recent was your last update?

Yep, that’s Windows 10 for you. It will silently uninstall programs, revert defaults back to Microsoft programs that are utterly incapable of handling the files in question, and more. Isn’t Windows grand?

(I mean I still use it, but if there were a real, viable alternative that ran all the same games, it’d be in my rear view mirror so fast…)

I have literally seen none of these things happen.

I’m glad for you. They’re not fun. But they’ve happened to me several times, invariably immediately after upgrading to Windows 10 or installing a Windows update. And I have found plenty of reports from other people having the same or similar issues.

I’ve also had the start menu (and notifications area) completely refuse to open…three times now, I think? And the third time the Settings app refused to open as well and the Windows store and related applications vanished. All known issues! The former has a dedicated troubleshooter tool that did restore start menu functionality for me for a bit. The latter required me using a powershell script to regenerate all Windows default apps, many of which I had deleted for being useless. (Nothing that requires special effort to get rid of, mind you - and if uninstalling apps it gives you the explicit option to uninstall breaks the system, that’s their issue, not mine.) I still can’t get a lot of those or the Windows store to open but I gave up because I don’t actually have any desire to use the Windows store or Maps or Camera (you know, on my desktop machine). Start and Settings are kinda important though.

Anyway, a topic for a different thread since this issue seems to have been Malwarebytes’ bug, not Windows.

Yikes. Good thing you posted this. Same thing happened to me and I didn’t even realise it until now.

weird, mine was uninstalled 2 times in the past 2 weeks right after windows updates… wtf Microsoft… I keep a pretty clean machine, but Im was starting to wonder if someone was in my computer doing this