Man, this game was fun (now you have to look)

I played the demo of this thing for weeks. It was one of my first online RTS-ish games and it was great. Me and a friend of mine could just play the demo over and over again. All the little Tetris bridge building and attempting to proactively block the opposition from your floating island and placement of Kooky defensive and offensive bomb lobbing units. Hearing his little priest bastard scream as he fell into nothingness …mmmmm…good stuff.

I wonder how crappily it would run in XP.

I never really got into it because it was multiplayer-centric which is a horrible idea, but it was pretty neat. I liked how defense was a powerful option unlike most RTS games where it’s nigh-worthless.

There’s still a community going for this:

Probably they’ve it running under XP. Long time since I checked though.

Yes, truly a great game, an odd combo of RTS + Tetris, we played it for hours on end, its lobbies were also cool, as you could see the start locations before you launched the game, (hell, before you even joined the game)

Its ranking system was lame though, and the host had unfair advantages whenit came to building bridges.