Man wakes after 19 years in coma

…promises to finish Grimoire ASAP.

Wow, that’s amazing… Although being 20 and waking up the “next day” to find out you’re almost 40 would suck :shock:

That’s some terrible writing there too:
“Accident victim stuck in 1984; believes Reagan still president”
Holy shit! How can anyone from 1984 think Reagen is president? That’s impossible!

That’s awesome… and shitty at the same time.

It’s like time travel.

“whoah… what happened to green computer monitors? Dude, Apple’s a bad investment? Where’d all the American cars go? No Soviet Union? Where’s the WTC?”


It’d almost be worth living in a coma to do that.

It’d almost be worth it.

Of course, if your name’s Perry, your brother’s Terry, and your dad’s Jerry… You may have bigger things to worry about than your 20 year coma!

And the Detroit Tigers aren’t any good anymore, either.

Almost twenty years gone. He’s going to have a lot to learn. From small things like CDs to big things like the Cold War being over. And, of course, his grandmother being dead.


Not to mention that Liberace was gay!
Though that probably came out a bit earlier than that…

It wouldn’t be remotely worth it. It’s not like he was just on hold for 19 years–he lost two decades of his life. Imagine trying to get by as a 20-year old trapped in the body of a 40-year old. Imagine trying to get a job.

OTOH, you might wake up with some sort of precognitive ability to “read” people when you touch them. It’s happened before.

It’s almost like being Austin Powers in real-life now.

Austin to Russian Colonel: “I guess you whipped those capitalists good, eh comrade?”

Basil: “Austin, we won!”

Austin: [pause] “Yay Capitalism!”

I don’t want to be swarmy by correcting you, I just think that the scene in question was really funny:

Basil: “The Cold War’s over!”

Austin: [excited] “Ah, finally those Capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes! Eh? Eh comrades?”

Basil: “Austin…we won.”

Austin: [somewhat disappointed] “Oh, groovy, smashing, yay Capitalism!

As I re-read that story, what struck me was that his wife is still around. She’s not referred to as his ex-wife - just his wife.

He was 20 when this happened, so she was around the same age I suspect. A very young couple with a newborn daughter. So Mrs. Wallis raised a girl for 19 years on her own, may have had other relationships in that time, and now has a forty year old husband who has no knowledge of how her life has been.

The recovery is miraculous and all, but this poor guy is going to need some serious psychological issues and emotional problems ahead of him.


A 40-year old quadriplegic (sp) husband. :!: